Remote team management: practical activities to manage a dispersed team

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Remote team management

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With the Remote management Template, adapt your work methods to focus on the collective and make individual and collective objectives easier to achieve. 10 practical activities with off-the-shelf templates designed to boost team spirit and help you adapt your working methods. Klaxoon is the key to efficient remote management and to achieving the individual and group objectives that you have set for your team. Regular online meetings and sync-ups, efficient project monitoring, informal exchanges, induction courses for newcomers, the sharing of good practices, team building challenges, ongoing improvement sessions...All these activities, and more, can be organized with Klaxoon templates, according to the team strategies that you, the manager, want to prioritize.

Adapt your working methods to manage in remote as you would do at the office

Remote management is possible if you have the right methods and adopt the right habits.First of all: how can we maintain a good connection within the team? By adopting team rituals with the GoodMorning Meeting Template, for example, which is used to do daily synchronization meetings, or weekly meetings with the Weekly Template.

The objective is to establish a regular exchange time that allows to keep a good coordination and a strong cohesion within the team. Everyone shares key information: success stories, project progress, performance indicators...

The team members synchronize their actions and move forward together more easily. Then, how can we guarantee the success of projects when the team is not physically together? By using methods that allow to visualize in one place and even remotely the progress of each members. For example, with the Kanban Template, the team can easily monitor the progress of tasks and visualize its workload.

Thanks to the Steering Committee Template, you conduct regular steering committee meetings, as if you were at the office, by sharing a table that allows you to facilitate the different parts of the meeting: debate, decision making, information sharing...The relationship of trust is another essential aspect of management! And it continues to be built, even in remote.

Thanks to the One-on-one Template, you continue to have qualitative and personalized exchanges with each team member. With the Onboarding path Template, you can welcome a new collaborator even remotely and offer him a fun and tailor-made path. And there are many other managerial actions that you can carry out remotely and which are explained in this template: transmit information efficiently and in remote, thanks to the Klaxoon Capsule activity; carry out team challenges to reach goals together and to excel even in remote; stimulate the team's creativity with many templates such as Bono's 6 thinking hats or World Café. All the methods presented here work for remote teams as well as for office teams: they have been tested and approved by the user community.

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