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of the Klaxoon's suite of apps.


How to call upon who you want very easily, develop ideas and make decisions?

Open response, challenge, polling... dozens of formats to gather the collective opinion in a simple and visual way. Discover how to easily create your Question from the Klaxoon interface and how to send it in one click to your team, who will receive it in real time. The results are consolidated in a visual way and accessible by all participants. With Question, ask engaging questions to your team.


How to easily create a private group where you can host and share Klaxoon activities?

You want a dedicated space for a team, subject or project? Discover how to create easily a Network and invite members to participate without any time or storage limits. Each team member can contribute to the group's work in complete autonomy. Whether you are working in the office or on the go, your team can keep up with Network activities at all times. Thanks to the Networks, it is no longer necessary to get together to synchronize: teamwork continues outside of the meeting.