Increase interaction and participation in your learning groups with dynamic training sessions.

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Spend more time training than preparing! Klaxoon includes a wide range of ready-to-use activities to explore for making your sessions innovative and unique. Import your slides, create word clouds and quizzes, and impulse dynamic group conversations in the same workspace.

Speaking of facilitating discussions, if you feel out of ideas for creative icebreakers, we can help! Our template library is full of original activities to kick off your training efficiently and create a climate of trust in the group while having fun.

A team doing an icebreaker on desktop, with both people on site and remote videoconference.

Share information easily with learners

The time has come to spend your weekends otherwise than organizing your training sessions through 10 different tools. With Klaxoon, create a private and secure Network for each group, and import there all the learning material to share with them, to be available any time they need it.

Another all-in-one activity we have to mention here is Session. It combines several formats like boards, quizzes or challenges in a perfect training recipe! And as your learners might ask for always keeping it with them, you can easily export your Sessions to PDF once they are complete.

A mobile screen showing a Network with activities dedicated to a Japanese online course.

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For each training program, there's a ready-to-use template to make it a success and dynamize your learning groups.

Digitizing your training program

Create together the diagnosis of your training and switch to digital learning easily.

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Running a training workshop

Go through the training sequences, alternating between theory and practice, using Klaxoon’s activities.

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Teach a virtual class

With this ready-to-use Template, easily create your own online course, and get your students interested and participating!

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Run remote training confidently

Lately, offering remote training has become as necessary as putting on your shoes for going out. And who said switching to a remote formula would mean reducing your quality standards? Here, Klaxoon’s Board will become your favorite place for working visually, while syncing up in video with the group.

The best thing about it? Before or after the courses, everyone can come back on Board asynchronously to check a fact, add an idea or ask questions. You instantly get notified of it, and can answer whenever it best suits you, while sitting anywhere in the world. Isn’t that a kind of magic?

A remote training workshop on desktop with a team working remotely by videoconference.

Assess knowledge and collect feedback efficiently

Let’s tell the truth, it always feels rewarding to see training participants putting their new knowledge into practice. And thanks to Quiz and Challenge, you can be sure to make these moments interactive! Choose competitivity, reflection, single or multiple-choice, among many possibilities.

Last but not least, any feedback your learners give you is a diamond to your trainer crown. So, make it easy for them to unleash their creativity and express how they feel after the training, for example with a voting Question or a word cloud in Klaxoon. And this way, secure the next steps of your training!

A trainer doing a Quiz with her group on site, on a Meeting Board.

Meet trainers who changed the game

Discover trainers and coaches who have switched to digitized training sessions, and who allow their learners to thrive every new day.

For online or on-site trainings, Klaxoon is a great tool to communicate with participants, dynamize our content and present it in a different way.
Yulia Leborgne
Learning Designer
Sup de Pub
I have enjoyed preparing my training sessions and thinking about new and varied interactions as much as I have enjoyed delivering them.
Dominique Rondot
CEO & Professional Trainer
C3S Consulting
We can measure that our 200,000 employees can retain the information we are training them on.
Aleigha Roberts
Security Awareness Training Manager
Delta Airlines