GoodMorning Meeting: the daily team meeting

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GoodMorning Meeting

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With the GoodMorning Meeting Template, synchronize your actions every morning in 15 minutes.Together as a team, synchronize your actions every morning in 15 minutes.The GoodMorning Meeting is a daily kick-off team meeting! In just 15 minutes, everyone shares seamlessly and simultaneously: tasks accomplished the previous day, those in progress, action items to complete that day, and roadblocks to address.The objective? Helping the team to stay connected and synchronized while ensuring action items and projects are moving forward.

Once a day, with this concise format, you can review everyone's actions as a team.

For an effective and participatory meeting, share information that is useful to everyone. The idea is to make sure that as a team, you're going to achieve your objectives and not justify your working time. Manage the team and visualize the workload of each one in about 15 minutes. Quick and efficient, the whole team is up-to-date to get start to the day.

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