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Management: organize a sales challenge with Board to motivate your team


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Guillaume Creach
Store Manager at Krys

Guillaume Creach is an optician working in France. As the manager of an optical Krys store, he uses Klaxoon to pace his various team meetings: the team's weather forecast, the new processes to be applied in the store, the Weekly meeting... Every year, his suppliers give him sales challenges to boost the sales of some of their brands. To run the sales challenge this time, Guillaume used Board and had the idea to compare his 20 sales representatives with those of another store in the same region. The manager then noticed a real difference in the teams' engagement.

During several days, the Board becomes the exchange space for the competing teams, and gives them visibility on their objectives.

Guillaume Creach is the manager of a Krys store in Rennes, France. He is in charge of a team of 20 opticians, whom he has to manage and stimulate in order to increase sales. 

He is also part of a group of about 20 other stores, using Klaxoon to organize their managers' meetings more easily

Guillaume uses Board in his day-to-day management too, especially to organize meetings and workshops that are more interactive and fun thanks to this collaborative work tool. 

As a regular user of Board, Guillaume has found a new way to use it this time, to help him boost the sales of his teams during a sales challenge.

The challenge: boost store performance thanks to the spirit of competition

Every year, Guillaume's suppliers and the other Krys stores in the Rennes region organize a challenge between the stores. It is a competition where each store tries to sell more than the others, within a given time. 

Usually, the participating stores only use a classic paperboard, where each manager notes the sales made during the day. Not a very interactive way, then. And obviously, there are quite few connections between the teams and the stores with this process.

For Krys store managers like Guillaume, one of the challenges is to stimulate the teams and keep them motivated throughout the competition. And more generally, he wants to succeed in improving the performance of the stores.

Guillaume therefore had the idea of using Board, as he does regularly to organize his meetings and manage his team, but this time on the scale of the sales challenge, by connecting the two participating stores together.

The solution: run the challenge on a Board to manage the team and increase the capacities tenfold

To do this, Guillaume chose to build his own Board. It's easy with Board's built-in tools: you can add ideas, images, tables... In only a few clicks, you can create a personalized Board that will be perfect to follow your objectives. Need to get started even faster? Visit our template library, and install the template that fits your needs in 1 click! For example, Guillaume could have used the Team Challenge template here, which allows to activate the managerial lever of competition, by focusing the team's attention and efforts on a common goal!

Thus, Guillaume built his Board following the basketball theme: in the center, he placed a basketball court image to represent the playing field, i.e. the brands that the teams must sell in priority to win the game. Some brands bring 4 points to the team per sale, while others bring only 2: this allows Guillaume to intelligently direct the efforts towards the company's priorities.

The rules and the potential gains in case of victory are also visible: it's a very good idea to maintain the concentration and the motivation of his teams!

On either side of this field are the two teams. They are represented by two well-known basketball teams from the American NBA championship: the Chicago Bulls and the Los Angeles Lakers. Each team member takes on the appearance of a professional player: anyone can upload the image of their choice and use it as their avatar. With this well-known sports reference, Guillaume manages to make the Board and the challenge more playful by introducing a role-playing game. He thus exploits the full potential of gamification in management.

Every day, the salespeople themselves note their sales of the day on the Board, very easily. Indeed, they just have to download the Klaxoon application on their tablet or smartphone to join the Board and update their personal score. The feeling of self-satisfaction is there, and it encourages the teams to do their best! They also use Board’s visual space to send each other motivational pictures and quotes. Especially since the counters are always visible in the break room, where Guillaume displays the Board all the time.

At the end of the day, Guillaume updates the overall scores for both teams: each morning, the teams start a new day with more productivity and motivation than ever to increase their score!

What are the benefits of using Klaxoon?

For Guillaume, using Board to manage his teams during the period of the challenge was a great success, for several reasons:

  • The connected Board allows the stores to share and exchange information in real time: this way, the different teams know each other better. This is a great advantage because they will be able to better work together during future special operations like this one.
  • The Board's practical, fun and instantaneous features allow for exchanges like never before, and bring team members closer together, working with greater synergy and complementarity.
  • When he uses Board to manage his teams, Guillaume greatly appreciates the fact that he has a great visibility on everything. At a glance, he can see where his employees are losing speed, and identify the causes. He can also provide his team with an overview of the progress of various ongoing projects, and as such, he also uses Board as a project management tool. This makes Board a true hybrid collaboration tool: it adapts to your needs and can accompany you in all your tasks, regardless of your position in the company hierarchy.
Guillaume Creach: "It's easy, fun, visual and very efficient for our sales teams." | Klaxoone

In the end, using Board as part of this shop challenge resulted in a significant increase in sales: +30% compared to the same challenge the previous year. As a bonus, employees are happier and more motivated at all levels!

So if you too need a digital tool that can be used in the office or remotely, and that allows you to organize efficient meetings and workshops, manage your teams and centralize your projects, don’t wait and adopt Klaxoon!

You too can adopt Klaxoon!

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