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Leverage the full power of visual management in Board to gain in daily productivity and efficiency: cut your time spent on emails by 4, in meetings by 3, accelerate decision-making and follow-up on your tasks. Limitless possibilities for your projects, anytime, anywhere.

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A whiteboard to organize all your projects: the example of a business trip

Centralize, Simplify, Structure, Collaborate, Share.


One place to find them all

Did you know that we have an average of 70,000 thoughts in a day? Better start writing them down...
With Board, capture all your files, conversations, ideas and pictures in one place. Bring all relevant materials onto the whiteboard to ensure you have everything at hand, and organize it visually, to see it in a different light.

Ideas on a Board containing text, PDF files, Dropbox links, etc.

Bring together all info & content

Files, web links, videos, spreadsheets, text and ideas… all materials displayed instantly in a single workspace.

Change your point of view

There is a view for every occasion, whether you want to monitor project progress, brainstorm together or prioritize action items.

Access from anywhere

Capture information and be ready to jump in from anywhere, with its seamless mobile and multi-device experience.


Hundreds of shortcuts to your best work

Processing multiple information in all shapes and forms can be a struggle. Especially when we know that after discussing 5 different concepts, our mind loses its sharpness.
Take a step back and get a fresh look on things.
With Board, ideas simply bounce off the wall: zoom in to dive deeper into a given subject, zoom out to get a clearer view, make new connections...
Expand your horizons and unleash your creativity with this limitless workspace.

A man in front of his computer, he organizes his "New design interior" project on Board

Guided by design

Intuitive, user-friendly and accessible: Board is designed for everyone.

Organize it how you see fit

 Viewmodes, sorts, categories… Get the big picture instantly.

Secure all discussions and information

Secure all your Boards and files automatically, and share only with whom you choose.


Progress with method

Facing a blank page can sometimes be a bit off-putting when one has to hit the ground running.
Want to be ready in a minute? Solve problems without getting lost in conversation? Boost creativity and simplify decision-making while saving time?
Inspired by industry-standard agile methods and best practices from the Klaxoon community, our extensive library of templates helps you get started in no time.
Find templates for just about anything: daily and weekly meetings, project management, workshops, ideation, design thinking, brainstorming, etc. Get started before your coffee cools!

Search for a method in the template library: Weekly, Ice Breaker, PI planning

Click, customize, adopt

Instant access to hundreds of templates for all functions and profiles.

Direct patterns & shortcuts to methods

Pick a pattern to add instantly on your Board and focus on what’s important.

Draw inspiration from each other

Join our community of users and watch testimonies and examples of how to use Klaxoon.


Leverage collective intelligence

Did you know that around 50% of participants feel like they can’t share their opinion in a meeting? 
Thanks to its ultra-participative tools, Board provides all teams with a free space for expression to leverage true collective intelligence. Switch between the spoken and written word, and make way for everyone's preferred mode of expression.
With its unique set of interactive solutions, boost engagement and creativity for everyone in a truly inclusive fashion.

A Klaxoon customer success manager leads a face-to-face workshop

Gather feedback in no time

With its ultra-participative features, collect feedback from everyone.

Communicate visually

Everyone can contribute in sync’ or asynchronously, whenever they want.

Embedded video conferencing

Engage everyone with embedded video conferencing features.


Agility at scale

Ready to take it to the next level?
Share any Board within your organization to make it a new ritual or standard that boosts productivity, and bring these new processes at scale for a seamless implementation into your everyday work.
Leverage the full power of Klaxoon Visual Workspace, to make teamwork all the more efficient and engaging.

A team ritual where some people are physically together and others on remote

Structure your rituals

Board is designed to be an integral part of your daily rituals, whether your team is of 2, 10 or 100.

Network, share to go further

Turn your Boards into templates & share them through a Network to get best practices adopted within your organization.

Integrated efficiently with your tools

Seamless integration with Jira, Microsoft Teams, Dropbox… and all your favorite daily tools.

An award-winning collaborative tool,
adopted by millions of teams in the world

We have designed an unrivaled range of solutions that helps organizations to easily run efficient and productive workshops. From Fortune 500 companies to NGOs, universities, public authorities and small businesses, millions of teams use Klaxoon to allow their teams to thrive.

Milton Neto 
IT Architect 
Within 3 days instead of 1 week, we've managed to determine our strategy with over 50 participants, thanks to Klaxoon. It's 100 days of workforce saved.
Milton Neto
IT Architect
Stéphanie Seznec
Innovation & Transformation Officer
Crédit Agricole bank
With Klaxoon, we power better communication, and we've reduced the amount of emails sent & received by 54%.
Stéphanie Seznec
Innovation & Transformation Officer
Crédit Agricole bank
Rudy Dillenseger
Global Dir. of Sales Strategy & Enablement
Klaxoon is easy to roll out globally and allows us to transform our customer engagement by providing a unique client experience, on-site or remotely.
Rudy Dillenseger
Global Dir. of Sales Strategy & Enablement
Peter Quiguer
Group Digital Coordinator
Lesaffre international
With Klaxoon, we've accelerated on project management. For a software launch, we've estimated to have gone 5x faster.
Peter Quiguer
Group Digital Coordinator
Lesaffre international
Sylvaine Houdy
Project Manager 
Caisse des Allocations Familiales du Rhône
A single workspace, a single tool, and we can introduce projects, express ideas, vote, work and follow-up on the project but also get a report directly on Board.
Sylvaine Houdy
Project Manager
Caisse des Allocations Familiales

Compatible with the software you love

Connect Klaxoon to your favorite work apps for a fully integrated collaborative tools suite.

Microsoft Teams

Use Klaxoon directly in Microsoft Teams for an all-in-one teamwork experience including video calls, document sharing, and messaging powered by Klaxoon's Board, Question, Quiz, Survey, Mission, Adventure, etc.

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Whether you are launching a new product, managing a complex project, or looking to monitor a process more closely, you can now import Jira issues in a few clicks, bringing the power of visual collaboration to your team's routines.

start in Jira


With this integration, teams can collaborate more efficiently while having easy access to Dropbox files within Klaxoon: stay organized by keeping your team's files centralized in one place.Attach a Dropbox file to your Klaxoon Studio for easy access.

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Get things done!

Discover the full power of Board, the Visual Workspace.
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