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6 Klaxoon customers discuss their use of the mobile application

Learn how teams use Klaxoon to improve teamwork and boost performance

Find out how our customers use Klaxoon and the suite of collaborative apps to work effectively as a team, wherever they are.

How teams work today

Creating the environment and the conditions that allow for teams to thrive.

Dan Seewald

CEO and keynote speaker, DELIBERATE INNOVATION

We use Klaxoon every day with our teams

Klaxoon enables everyone to express themselves.

Hélène Blanquet

Director of Employee Innovation and Change, ORANGE

Brainstorm: my inter-team synchronisation tool

Klaxoon allows us to share everything that's happening with everyone.

Dominique Chuffart


Future of Work: how do teams adopt new ways of working together?

Klaxoon allows us to get everyone's opinion and everyone's feedback, and therefore to make decisions collectively.

Edouard Manche

Head of Dropbox Education, DROPBOX

Association: facilitating everyday collaboration with Klaxoon

I use Klaxoon to engage volunteers and share information with them.

Julie David


Brainstorm Template

Giving users a framework while unleashing their creativity.

Laurent Reich

Learning Practice International Director, L'ORÉAL

Discover how our customers use Klaxoon and the Session application to organize better meetings, both on site and remotely.

The power of silence

Research suggests that brainstorming in silence boosts creativity and generates twice as many ideas.

Steven Rogelberg

Researcher, author of the bestseller "Science of Meetings", UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA

Simplification: the key to a good meeting

Klaxoon simplifies the entire meeting effort: less time and increased engagement.

Tony Alvarez

Senior Director of IT, Holiday Inn Club Vacations

Prioritising in team: 60 strategic projects in 90 minutes

I do in record time thanks to this tool: 90 minutes instead of half a day.

Farah Harriche

Business Transformation Manager, SAINT-GOBAIN

A 100% participation rate in my commercial meetings

When we do a Quiz or a Word Cloud, we get the results in real time, and I adjust my meeting instantly.

Eric Harispe

Area Sales Manager, CREDIT AGRICOLE

Cut your meeting time by one third

With Klaxoon, we went from 4-hour executive committee meetings every Monday morning, to a meeting that’s down to 1 hour.

Philippe Métais

Research & Dvpt Innovation Data - Value Creation, GRDF

Stimulates collective intelligence to foster decision process

We want to bring agility to our project. With Klaxoon our decision-making process is quicker and more inclusive.

Hervé Charbonnier

Customer Experience Manager, SAINT-GOBAIN

From a brainstorming session to project management, discover how our customers use Klaxoon and the Board application to boost their teams’ productivity and efficiency.

An engaging technology for agile developments

Klaxoon is a very engaging technology, in the sense that people want to continue to use it.

Nicolas Ontiveros

Software Engineer, Microsoft

Klaxoon for more efficient and shorter meetings

With Klaxoon, everything is much easier: brainstorming sessions, making connections, the timeline, the milestones…

Brian Bilenberg

Founder, NIL Technology

Design thinking for everyone with Klaxoon

The benefits are in the traceability throughout the process. It also helps reduce our workload.

Mohamed Benkhodja

Digileader, Transfomaker & Experience Creator, ENGIE

Problem-solving: conducting a workshop easily with multidisciplinary teams

I work with Klaxoon because it helps us be more efficient and work together better.

Stéphanie Le Boulaire

Continuous Excellence Manager, NESTLE

Even more agile Kanbans with Klaxoon

We use Klaxoon for our team meetings and all our rituals.

Christophe Solier

Digital Project Manager, GRT GAZ

Organising and driving digital change for the benefit of customers and employees

With klaxoon, we're sure we capture every idea and take the time afterwards to sort and organise them into action plans.

Julien Ribeyre

Digital manager, BPI FRANCE

Defining action plans remotely in one hour with my customers

We can work with teams in different countries at the same time thanks to Klaxoon.

Rafik Youssouf

Consultant, KEA PARTNERS

How Rafik defines action plans remotely with his clients in one hour?

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Driving change management through team feedback

With Klaxoon Brainstorm, we implement digital visual management. In over a month, we tackled and solved 80% of our issues.

Jean-Baptiste Burin

Operational Excellence manager, AXA ASSISTANCE

Whether they are working from home or distributed teams, lots of users work remotely and efficiently as a team thanks to Klaxoon.

Facilitate collaboration and communication at a distance

Klaxoon is really important to have, so that you are able to facilitate that collaboration and relationship building across distances.

Tammy Bjelland

CEO, Workplaceless

Synchronize the team's project whatever the distance

To work properly, we have to brainstorm some ideas.

Mohanan Unni

R&D Director innovation, SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC

Work efficiently, even remotely, with Klaxoon

Klaxoon helps us optimize how we work, share information efficiently, and facilitate teamwork, without wasting time.

François Gabart

Skipper & CEO, MerConcept

François Gabart, teamwork records

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Engaging the whole team at remote monthly meeting

I use Brainstorm to run meetings with all our employees around the world.

François Martin-Festa

VP Digital Customer Experience, SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC

Share ideas in a centralized location

Klaxoon is an open mind-mapping platform; people can submit their ideas throughout the week, not just during meetings.

Chris Chain

Senior Software Engineer, AT&T

Defining action plans remotely in one hour with my customers

We can work with teams in different countries at the same time thanks to Klaxoon.

Rafik Youssouf

Consultant, KEA PARTNERS

How Rafik defines action plans remotely with his clients in one hour?

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Discover how our customers use Klaxoon and the Memo, Mission, Adventure, Quiz, and Survey applications to boost the efficiency of their on-site and/or remote training sessions.

Work together with students

We want them to be able to express their ideas.


French professor, GONZAGA COLLEGE

Train 200,000 employees efficiently

With Klaxoon, we have made our training program more efficient.

Aleigha Roberts

Senior Security Engineer, Delta Air Lines

Active pedagogy at every step

From an educational point of view, Klaxoon allows the entire class to interact and communicate.

Clémence Harnist

Educational leader, IFAG

I adapt my training to 100% of my clients' needs

With Klaxoon, I enjoy preparing my training sessions as much as I enjoy delivering them.

Dominique Rondot


Klaxoon for coaching elite athletes

The benefits of using Klaxoon in sports are simply empowering and individualising each athlete, in a common project, to optimise their performance.

Sébastien Morin

Freelance NBA Coach

An award-winning collaborative tool,
adopted by millions of teams in the world

We have designed an unrivaled range of solutions that helps organizations to easily run efficient and productive workshops. From Fortune 500 companies to NGOs, universities, public authorities and small businesses, millions of teams use Klaxoon to allow their teams to thrive.

Milton Neto 
IT Architect 
Within 3 days instead of 1 week, we've managed to determine our strategy with over 50 participants, thanks to Klaxoon. It's 100 days of workforce saved.
Milton Neto
IT Architect
Stéphanie Seznec
Innovation & Transformation Officer
Crédit Agricole bank
With Klaxoon, we power better communication, and we've reduced the amount of emails sent & received by 54%.
Stéphanie Seznec
Innovation & Transformation Officer
Crédit Agricole bank
With the Vote and Storm options, it's democratic and everyone can participate.
Rodrigo Albuquerque
Audit Partner
Peter Quiguer
Group Digital Coordinator
Lesaffre international
With Klaxoon, we've accelerated on project management. For a software launch, we've estimated to have gone 5x faster.
Peter Quiguer
Group Digital Coordinator
Lesaffre international
Sylvaine Houdy
Project Manager 
Caisse des Allocations Familiales du Rhône
A single workspace, a single tool, and we can introduce projects, express ideas, vote, work and follow-up on the project but also get a report directly on Board.
Sylvaine Houdy
Project Manager
Caisse des Allocations Familiales

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