World Café Method: collaborative ideation with several subgroups

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World café

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Discover the World Café Method free template, and generate a maximum of ideas while avoiding duplications, even with dozens of participants. How to make an ideation session with a large group by generating a maximum of ideas and avoiding having identical ideas? The World Café technique is ideal for that! Particularly user-friendly and dynamic, it allows you to explore several subjects in sub-groups while promoting exchange and collective intelligence. The different groups sit around tables to discuss a given topic and share their ideas as a team. Then the groups rotate: each group picks up a new topic as well as the ideas generated by the previous group, and can then bounce back to produce new ones. In the end, more ideas are collected.

Organize a World Café for effective brainstorming sessions, online or indoors, with a large team

Generating a lot of new ideas with a lot of people is a good thing, but you have to be able to organize them efficiently! The World Café method allows discussions on a topic in sub-groups, before changing tables to go deeper into another group's topic, and so on. You optimize the ideation as a team and with Board, everything is clear and understandable!

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