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The economic impact of time-efficient meetings

Use this estimator to evaluate precisely the cost of each of your meetings and its outcomes.

5 team members doing a meeting with Klaxoon

Once again, you're spending more than half a week in meetings...

Keeping meetings short, productive and participative is a constant challenge for everyone. But how can you find out whether your meetings are time-efficient or not?

Have you ever tried to calculate how much you would potentially pay for any of your meetings and their outcomes?

Well, try our meeting cost estimator to assess the cost of each meeting made in your organization.

How does it work?

Start by taking the number of attendees of your last team meeting. Then, estimate roughly their salary by seniority level (rounded up to the closer ten thousand). Assuming people are paid to work for 253 days in 2022, for 8 hours per day, you get their hourly rate.

Now apply the hourly rate to the time you spent in this last meeting, for each participant. The estimator also takes into account an additional 40% of preparation/commute time. Finally, get the approximate meeting cost.

We purposely didn't take into account other costs like spaces & building, heating or AC, internet, etc. as it is hard to evaluate with increasing remote practices.

According to the Total Economic Impact™ of Klaxoon Forrester study, running a meeting with Klaxoon can allow to gain 50% of your time. Meaning for a meeting that would take 2 hours of 6 people's time, including commute and meeting preparation tasks, you can get things done in 1 hour with Klaxoon.

Can you imagine how much time and money you could save in meetings this way?