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Discover the cost of your meetings

Meetings are often too long, vertical and lead to few results... And all this has a cost! In seconds, estimate the real budget of your meetings.

Several people are brought together physically and remotely and communicate via the Klaxoon platform

In average, we spend 16 years of our career in meetings.

Yet, we know that less than 1 out of 4 meetings leads to concrete decision making.
And beyond that, this meetings problem has many hidden impacts on the organizations we work in.

Right now, could you tell how much your meetings really cost?

Use our estimator below to find out how much you are spending for your daily or weekly team catch-ups, monthly board meetings, client workshops and even training sessions.
Are you ready for the meeting revolution?

The cost of a meeting
Inefficient meeting with bored participants
Efficient meeting with active participants

You could be at least 50% more time efficient with Klaxoon.

According to The Total Economic Impact™ of Klaxoon Forrester study, running a meeting with Klaxoon can allow to save 50% of your time.

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