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Since 2020, remote work has increasingly been adopted by companies all over the world. However, many concerns still remain about maintaining social ties and efficient collaboration between teams, while working remotely.

We believe that with the right tools and methodology, remote work can be easy, efficient, and adapted to everyone's pace. It’s time to run productive team sync-ups, find a work schedule that suits your needs, ignite powerful team interactions and work with more autonomy!

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Looking for an efficient way to work remotely?

A lack of communication within the team

This is certainly a major risk that needs to be tackled. Especially over the long term, working from home - or anywhere else apart from your team - can  hinder communication, lead to misunderstandings, reduce team members’ sense of having common goals, and ultimately make their work feel less meaningful.

So, how can you foster the same group spirit as when teams are all in the same office?

Challenges regarding organization and time management

The boundary between home life and professional life can sometimes become blurred for remote workers. It’s not always simple to find the right balance and the daily rhythm you need to be efficient. And in addition to this, you also need to stay close with your team without being physically in the same place.

In such a context, it can feel reassuring to stay in touch while spending more time than needed in sync-ups and online meetings. So, how can your team remain efficient and not make these meetings too time-consuming?

With Klaxoon, work efficiently from anywhere

Klaxoon is a suite of collaborative tools, designed to facilitate interactions and teamwork, especially when it comes to working remotely. Let's see how this can help you workfrom anywhere effortlessly!

Keep all team's stars aligned

  • Create online team rituals, brainstormings, and sync-up sessions on Board.
  • Share your ideas and files in real time or asynchronously.
  • Promote the exchange of information, and collect instant feedback from anywhere.
team remote meeting with videoconference
I like having an open mind-mapping platform that's constantly in place, so that people can submit their ideas outside of meetings.
Christopher Chain
CEO of Workplaceless
I like having an open mind-mapping platform that's constantly in place, so that people can submit their ideas outside of meetings.

Christopher Chain

Strengthen team spirit with rituals

  • Organize your workflows and tasks on Board, so it’s clear for the whole team.
  • Use Questions to ask for feedback, more info, or just how your team is doing.
  • Create Live sessions to chat, play or have a coffee with your team, even if they are miles away.
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Keep it collaborative, wherever you are

  • Make online or hybrid workshops to activate the whole team's learning potential.
  • Get everyone involved in a wide range of engaging activities: Quizzes, Adventures, Missions, etc.
  • Speak with your team and stay up to date, whatever the distance.
man working outside on his laptop
Klaxoon is really important to have, so that you are able to facilitate that collaboration and relationship-building across distances.
Tammy Bjelland
CEO of Workplaceless

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