For the meetings that matter.

Do you have a problem to solve? A project to launch? A workgroup to manage?
Whether on-site or remotely, Klaxoon's technologies make every voice count, resulting in super-productive meetings.

Banana Klaxoon

turn your meetings into workshops

Higher engagement, higher impact.

On-site or remotely, for a few hours or over the course of a few weeks, put into place dynamic workshop sessions where everybody participates and the flow of contributions allows for new ideas and out-of-the-box solutions: get everybody doing a lot more in drastically less time.

Try and you'll be amazed!
 Three colleagues work on a connected screen

ignite your team everyday

It all starts with better communication.

Daily collaboration often involves syncing up quickly, every day as a team. Thanks to the Workshop Platform and its easy-to-use tools and methods, share useful information, ask questions, agree together on the goals to set, and find solutions more easily.

Try and you're going to love teamwork even more
A team works together on an agile project

engage across space, time, silos

Break up the silos, bring in agility.

Bring together different skills from within different teams with the Workshop Platform and put into place an ultra participative, cross-team collaboration.

Get started right away (and enjoy)!
A team works on a connected screen in a factory

so inclusive

On-site, remote, hybrid, on-the-go...
Bring people together.

The Workshop Platform allows everyone to express themselves in all contexts and at any time. Everyone can find a way to share their ideas or express their point of view: through text, image, video, gifs, questions, presentations... it's up to you!  It's at the heart of your workspace and on the screens around you: at the office, from home, on the road, from your smartphone.

Yes, you can also try right now from your mobile...
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