Visual tools for
Modern Teamwork.

A project to launch, a workgroup to manage, a team to train? Whether on-site, remotely or hybrid, Klaxoon technologies help you think, collaborate and move forward in a simple and super-productive way.

3 work situations showcase effective teamwork using Klaxoon technologies to work together despite distance

for everyday work

Think big with Board, the Visual Workspace

In the office, remotely or in a hybrid mode, get things done your way with Board: centralize all documents, data & information in a single place, structure your thoughts, visualize your options, and collaborate with others thanks to embedded videoconferencing. Move from idea to action in seconds with our ready-to-use templates.

Move forward, get on Board!
A Live is launched for a team sync. A question is asked "Ready for the next level? ». The interface is accessible in desktop and mobile.

for training

Learn faster than the competition with Klaxoon Training Suite

With Klaxoon, engage your trainees and learners with a unique training experience. Before - during - and after the session, maximize engagement wherever you are: in class, remotely or in a hybrid mode. With its flexible options and highly engaging features, Klaxoon helps boost the learning process. Added bonus: have fun doing so!

Discover Klaxoon Training Suite
A workshop is organized with a dozen people. A Quiz is launched "Who said: Talent wins games, teamwork wins championship"?

with Jira

​​Unlock the full potential of visual management

Facilitate project management by bringing collective intelligence and visual management into your Jira projects. See the big picture of your backlog and engage with your teams and clients. Follow-up seamlessly on all of your projects.

Wanna see? Look here!
Two people from behind, in front of their computer, review the project using Jira issues and the visualization on the Board

with Microsoft Teams

Drive super-efficient meetings

Awarded as both Microsoft Partner of the Year and Best User Experience in Microsoft 365 app, Klaxoon allows you to reach a higher level of productivity directly within Teams: structure interactions, facilitate brainstorming, accelerate decision-making... Klaxoon makes you achieve even more from your Teams meetings and conversations.

Start now
The team synchronizes on site and remotely thanks to Session. A Memo is shared afterwards "Order the steps of Design Thinking ".