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Twenty new ways to interact with your participants.

Change the way you present,
teach and collaborate.

Klaxoon is a collection of great ideas that facilitate interactivity within a group. Based on your content, you can propose simple, playful and effective activities: quizzes, surveys, challenges, brainstorming activities, live messaging...

All different. All talking together.

Connect from any device. Without installing anything.

Smartphones, tablets, laptops: all your iOS, Android and Windows devices connected together.
Let your participants bring their own device.

One button.

Plug & play.
Fully independent.
Just like you.

Introducing Klaxoon Box. Everything you need is inside: your presentations and activities. Connect yourself and your participants to the box and the show is on! Animate your Klaxoon session with total autonomy, without the need of an internet connection.

Take it everywhere with you. Compact, it fits right in your suitcase. Robust, it follows you around without a problem.

Connect up to 40 participants.

No internet connection? Not a problem.

With the Klaxoon Box, it’s almost like your own private internet for you and your participants. The connection won’t drop, and you have full control on your data and its privacy. And all this with up to 40 participants connected and interacting at the same time!

...and lots more with
Klaxoon Cloud.

Make the world Klaxoon.

Think big and connect up to 1000 participants around the world to a single session. Klaxoon reduces the distance: collaborating becomes friendlier and more efficient.

Even at a distance, you’ve never felt so close.

So intuitive.

Your session up and running before your coffee gets cold.

Klaxoon is simple to use, tailor made for your day-to-day life. Running late? No worries. A new session is always only a few minutes away.

The less questions you have to ask yourself, the happier you make us. And our developpers take this very seriously. Their motivation: simplicity!