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Sales Teams

The easiest way to win more clients: run efficient, goal-focused workshops with the Workshop Platform.

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What's behind successful sales performance

By running engaging and effective sales workshops with your customers and your team, you will quickly notice the positive impact on your closed deals.

The Workshop Platform is the ideal place for engaging more and more of your prospects and ultimately crush your sales goals!

sales team running an interactive workshop

Engage with customers more

The Workshop Platform is an all-in-one solution for empowering communications with prospects, and thus to accelerate the sales cycle. Create a simple and dynamic work experience through visual workshops, accessible from anywhere in hybrid mode.

This customer experience can begin with Board, the online virtual whiteboard to make all your decisions in one place. Make efficient sales presentations by adding everything you need on Board (images, text, slides, videos,...). Share all the materials with your leads and clients instantly by launching a Live videoconference on your Board.

sales representative in client meetings on the Workshop Platform

Maximize the efficiency of sales teamwork

With engaging workshop activities, save precious time to move forward with your sales team. For your kick-offs, sync-ups or brainstorming, share a Memo containing all the key insight, before or after the workshop. To collect efficient feedback, ask them a Question through a Board or directly, and discuss asynchronously.

Also challenge your sales team's knowledge with Quizzes. Any update to share on your product or service, your offers or the competitors? It is well-known we all learn better by asking questions. Single or multiple choice, find the word,... Mix up to 9 different types of questions to make your team retain information the best way possible.

sales videoconference to prepare client meeting

Prepare the sales team to close more deals, faster

It is a proven fact that a great onboarding experience for new sales reps can significantly increase their retention, commitment and performance. They can even make it to their fist deals about 20% faster than average!

The Workshop Platform helps you keeping track of your team's integration from anywhere, and ask for their feedback for continuous improvement. Capitalize on the existing: do you have a ready presentation or a process? Import them directly into your Memo or Board, or list all the resources in an Article.

sales presentation on large screen in room

Meet sales teams pioneers

Discover sales teams who have switched to efficient workshops whether to ramp up onboarding, save time on team sync-up meetings, or increase conversions when engaging clients.

Klaxoon is easy to roll out globally and allows us to transform our customer engagement by providing a unique client experience, on-site or remotely.

Rudy Dillenseger

Global Digital of Sales Strategy & Enablement
With the Business Challenge Board, we have boosted our sales by 30%.

Guillaume Creach

Store Manager
We want to boost our client's collaborative culture. It's not that complicated, you just have to open a Klaxoon Board!

Julien Gouëllo

Creativity Manager
Abylon Veolia