Sales Teams

The easiest way to win more clients: run efficient, goal-focused workshops with the Workshop Platform.

What's behind successful sales performance

With the right incentives and the right people, your sales teams have the power to take your workshops to the stars. By running effective workshops with your customers or your team, you can quickly double the benefits!

First, you will be able to engage more and more of your prospects into your sales pipeline. And second, you will crush your sales goals and increase your closings for sure! Klaxoon's Workshop Platform is here to help you achieve it!

Engage with customers more

The Workshop Platform is dedicated to empowering sales teams by reshaping the way they interact with others and by accelerating the sales cycle. It is about making your workshops dynamic, visual, and accessible from anywhere. Create and customize Boards with any type of content (images, documents, or videos) for a first customer presentation, impactful product demos or customer onboardings.

Also get your clients involved in the discussion; contact them in seconds and get insight and instant or asynchronous feedback. The identification of customer requirements and product demos is made easy and motivational thanks to innovative, creative workshops. Making all the decisions in one place also improves customer experience and makes for an easy account hand-over.

Align your team and maximize the efficiency of sales workshops

Save precious time with Klaxoon by running very productive workshops with your team. For sync-up meetings, brainstorming sessions, or sales kick-off meetings, choose the most appropriate format to engage collective thinking and find solutions collectively, all together! With Board, you can use a single online space to run workshops, collect feedback and communicate with your team seamlessly.

Do you feel like your internal meetings sometimes impinge too much on time that should be dedicated to your clients? With Live workshops, you can reduce the duration of meetings by half. The Workshop Platform allows you to get from ideas to action faster, and adjust project priorities based on team feedback.

Onboard your team quickly and prepare them to close sales faster

It is a proven fact that a great onboarding experience for new sales reps can significantly increase their retention, commitment, and performance. They can even make it to their first deals about 20% faster than average! So, are you ready to onboard faster to perform better?

Create a visual onboarding roadmap with our library of ready-to-use Board templates. Keep track of your team's integration, and ask for their feedback for continuous improvement. Then, new hires will feel empowered to jump into their missions confidently, whether on-site or remotely. Interactivity and collaboration are your best assets for increasing your sales team’s motivation and effectiveness!

Meet sales teams pioneers

Discover sales teams who have switched to efficient workshops whether to ramp up onboarding, save time on team sync-up meetings, or increase conversions when engaging clients.

We needed a tool that would get our very diverse participants fully active and creative while sticking to the tight time limits imposed on us.

Vincent Arcin

Global Digital Services Director
With the Business Challenge Board, we have boosted our sales by 30%.

Guillaume Creach

Store Manager
We want to boost our client's collaborative culture. It's not that complicated, you just have to open a Klaxoon Board!

Julien Gouëllo

Creativity Manager
Abylon Veolia