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Klaxoon is a platform of collaborative tools that empowers individuals to accomplish more with others. Anywhere, from any device.

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Our Purpose

The pandemic redefined work in many ways and forced all of us to adapt to different ways of collaborating. We’ve all sat for hours in front of our computers in meeting after meeting. It's time for collaboration and meeting tools to adapt to the new reality of work so that teams in organizations can be more productive no matter where (or when) they are. After hosting more than 10 million workshops, we’ve witnessed teams gain vast efficiencies transitioning meetings into more collaborative workshops.

Klaxoon exists to provide teams with an environment and tools to work effectively, regardless of location, to make work both more human and more responsible.

The story of our passion for Teamwork

In France (Rennes, Lyon, Paris), the United States (Boston, New York), and Asia (Singapore), the +300 people who shape Klaxoon are dedicated to transforming work every day.

Our team has transformed its daily routine into a laboratory for collaborative methods, rethought its practices, reinvented its spaces, and increased communication to support Klaxoon's international development. Sales, research and development, customer support, ... talents from all over the world and a wealth of experience to invent to support a growing community of millions of users.

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Our workshop platform allows teams to run productive workshops very easily, wherever they are, and from any device. It includes an unrivaled collection of features and services such as an infinite whiteboard, chat and communications tools, information-sharing features, automated reports, and built-in videoconferencing, to effectively engage teams and get things done in hybrid settings.

Anyone can create a session with participants joining from anywhere in the world. Information from any source can be shared by any of the participants and displayed on a whiteboard.

There are no limits to how and what ideas can be shared with participants, who can comment and ask questions, take polls, and share their screens. Importantly, workshop participants and others can continue their work after the initial session – together or separately – with access to all the shared information and ideas.

A newsfeed keeps everyone informed about all the latest action from their workshops.

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