About Us

Klaxoon is an online all-in-one work collaboration platform that boosts engagement and productivity at all times. With a unique range of 10 visual collaboration tools & services, Klaxoon empowers people to drive engagement in and beyond meetings, boost productivity, and shape an innovative workspace.

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Our Mission

At Klaxoon, we are dedicated to enhancing organizational efficiency and boosting engagement. Our mission is to empower all organizations through innovative and collaborative solutions that transcend geographical boundaries, foster creativity, and enhance collective intelligence.

Leveraging a distinctive set of 10 cutting-edge tools and proven methodologies, we seek to revolutionize the work experience, elevating engagement, productivity, and success in every collaborative endeavor.

Our Story

Klaxoon is the go-to solution for the growing demands of the future workspace. Established in 2015, Klaxoon initially emerged with a digital training solution, providing a comprehensive set of software and hardware to empower trainers with efficient tools for their sessions.

Between 2018 and 2023, Klaxoon strategically evolved into The Workshop Company, set to challenge the traditional meeting space, revolutionizing the way meetings are held, and offering ways to render them more productive, inclusive, and solution-oriented. Introducing engagement-based features like Question, Memo, Mission, and Network, the Klaxoon Platform transformed into an all-in-one solution that greatly increased levels of user participation and engagement, propelling it to the forefront of the collaborative tool landscape.

Today, Klaxoon continues to innovate with new product enhancements, developing its collaboration features, user interface, engagement metrics, and exclusive features tailored for enterprise clients, all designed to enhance usability and elevate the collaborative experience.

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Our Leadership

Management: Hervé Simonin, CEO; Peggy Studer, CMO; Linda Lovichi, CFO; Virginie Lucuron, CHRO; Philippe Renon, CRO; Pierre Pagadoy, CTO; Lauriane Carayon, CCO.

Our Offices Worldwide

Klaxoon headquarters is located in Rennes, France, and present in Paris, Birmingham, Frankfurt, New York, and Boston.

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