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5 people in front of a MeetingBoard to co-construct a roadmap

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Customized collaborative tools that meet your needs and the requirements of a large-scale deployment

Since 2015, we've put all our energy into imagining and designing tools that allow you to work more efficiently as a team. Engage teams efficiently from anywhere, at any time, and get things done in hybrid work environments. From Fortune 500 companies to small businesses, millions of teams in 120 countries worldwide use Klaxoon to allow their teams to thrive.
Portrait of Bernice NG
Klaxoon makes our workshops much more participative and engaging for the participants.
Bernice Ng
Continuous Improvement Manager
Danone Singapore
Portrait of Rudy Dillenseger
With the Vote and Storm options, it's democratic and everyone can participate.
Rodrigo Albuquerque
Audit Partner
Portrait of Hélène Blanquet
Klaxoon is the solution that enables us to listen, prioritize and most importantly build the future together.
Hélène Blanquet
Communication and CSR Director

A unique platform for getting things done

Millions of teams around the world use Klaxoon daily in order to get teams in sync, share information, manage projects and come up with ideas for new products and services.

Le bouton "New" dans l'app Klaxoon

Powerful programs to support the adoption and transformation of practices

Klaxoon offers programs that have a proven track record in accelerating change and the adoption of new practices. Dedicated expert teams are here to help you get started and facilitate change management.

A team in the office synchronizes on the topics of the day listed on a Board

At your side for a smooth rollout

We provide support from the day you sign up to the day you roll out Klaxoon within your organization, and we can make recommendations that are tailored to your business objectives.

A customer success manager accompanies a person from MerConcept in the use of the Board and MeetingBoard tools

A 100%-secure & compliant ecosystem

Legal & Privacy

Data is processed in accordance with our terms & conditions and in compliance with applicable laws. Klaxoon implements best practices to comply with personal data protection laws. Compliance details are available in our Privacy Policy and Data Processing Addendum.

Cloud operations & Hosting

There is a view for every occasion, whether you want to monitor project progress, brainstorm together or prioritize action items. Klaxoon Cloud hosting providers hold several certifications including ISO 27001, ISO 27017 &  27018, ISO 9001, HDS / HDA, PCI DSS, SOC 1 & 2, among others.

Security design & testing standards

Right from the design stage, the Klaxoon application implements security standards and best practices based on the OWASP SDL, as well as ANSSI and NIST standards. The Klaxoon application undergoes regular penetration testing performed by an independent third party auditor certified by the French ANSSI.

Access Klaxoon even without an internet connection

Our CES 2016 award-winning Klaxoon Box generates its own WiFi network, meaning Klaxoon can be used anywhere, without worrying about an internet connection. Up to 100 team members can even interact simultaneously in a reliable and secure digital environment!

The Klaxoon Box in a person's hand

Tear down the meeting room walls

With the MeetingBoard, you're guaranteed full participation in your meetings. With the mobile whiteboard touch screen you can access Klaxoon when meeting in person.

5 people in a train repair shop are gathered around a Meeting Board and follow a Klaxoon session

Unlock your teamwork potential

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