Retrospective: 5 steps to improve teamwork



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Take a step back and define your team actions to work more productively! Based on agile methods, an agile retrospective is a key aspect of continuous improvement for teams. Focusing on a specific topic (project update, interim review, process overhaul etc.), it enables you to take stock of what worked well and what needs to be reviewed. It is an effective way for teams to put in place concrete actions based on shared ideas.

Agile retrospective: a decisive stage in your project management

A retrospective is a stage that is increasingly used by teams working remotely and managing projects involving various professions. Production, communication, graphics - for successful cross-functional project management, it is highly recommended to bring all the teams together for a retrospective when a stage or a project has been completed.

With this online agile retrospective template you can work as a team to think about five different aspects of your project: 

  • What works well
  • What needs to be reviewed
  • What you need to do more 
  • What you need to stop doing 
  • What you need to start doing

Together, generate new ideas, discuss and prioritize important topics. The result? A natural way to define actions to improve teamwork for the rest of the project or process. Use this Klaxoon template to prepare and facilitate your workshop with complete peace of mind!

In the office or remotely, it's easy to run a retrospective workshop with your team, and get concrete results.

What are the benefits of an agile retro for a team?

Be it in a professional or private context, expressing what you feel is essential to build strong links between individuals and collaborate effectively. The term "retrospective" refers to a meeting where several individuals give each other feedback to improve their situation.

The goal is to give everyone time to express what they are feeling, what is working, what is not working and what needs to be improved. This is vital to improve the situation, the environment or professional relationships when it comes to team project management.

To go one step further with your projects and make teamwork fun, use the Klaxoon Retrospective template to get this feedback at the right time and in the best way possible. To make sure you don't miss out on informal feedback in the office and water cooler chat, set up an agile retrospective to highlight your team’s strengths and overcome your weaknesses!

Run an agile retrospective with Klaxoon

Prepare your whiteboard by adding the project name and date, and invite your team to join you for this retrospective meeting.

Explain the aim of this workshop, then start a 5-minute timer during which each participant posts their ideas, using the colors and order indicated by the template. It is important to start with the positive part to get motivated! Then, you can tackle things that are not working so well, and finish up with projections.

Start a 10-minute question session. Explore ideas, discuss them, and use the Question tool if you want to quiz someone in particular, vote on something or create a wordcloud, agree on something etc.

Then, it's time to prioritize. Ask all the team members to like one or two ideas from each category by clicking on the heart button. Just switch to Column view to see the key ideas.

All you have to do now is use these ideas to suggest further actions together. Change their color, and people in charge of an action can add an idea with their photo to end this online agile retrospective.

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