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With Klaxoon, as a beginner or expert, easily run your team projects with agility.

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Take your projects to agile simply

With Klaxoon, everyone can find simple tools and activities to get familiar with agile methods, save a lot of time and improve team performance.

And if you are already a user of agile methods, you can deepen on the use of Scrum meetings, retrospectives, PI Planning, etc. in your team activities.

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For each step of your agile projects, there's a ready-to-use template of a proven method that will fit your business context.

Daily Scrum Meeting

Track and manage the progress of your sprint tasks on a daily basis.

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Take stock of your project as a team, keep the positive and assess the negative.

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Sprint Backlog

As a team, using the “Sprint backlog” template, list the features to be developed during the upcoming cycle.

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Centralize all your versions in one place

Working in agile mode often requires to iterate with your teams on many deliverables at the same time to move things forward. With Klaxoon, you can simplify agile project management by keeping all your versions in progress in the same place, where they are automatically saved.

In the same workspace, you can also collect feedback by asking Questions to your team, and exporting the results for more efficient in-depth analysis. Open response, challenge, polling, there are dozens of formats to gather the collective opinion in a simple and visual way, from anywhere.

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Try well-known agile methods

To get familiar with agile best practices, or to take up your expertise level, Klaxoon resources include a library of Board templates. They are structured after proven agile methods such as retrospectives, sprints, burndown charts and more.

Each of these templates can get you started on an agile project. Very simply, get everyone in your team 100% involved, even while a project is already in progress.

remote workshop with PI Planning template

Meet agile experts

Discover testimonials from agile teams who are running workshops daily to manage their projects in a simple, engaging and visual way.

With the Jira & Klaxoon integration, I save 2 days of work for each PI Planning.
Fabien Casavecchi
Airbus Helicopters
People feel free to speak in a way they didn't always feel before. It enables us to engage the collective, and give a shared sense of belonging to people who aren't in the same place.
Christelle Shan
Agile Coach
We had a good experience using Klaxoon for our remote PI Planning: it's simple and powerful, with high-level tech support! An excellent tool and an excellent company!
Frédéric Delon
Project Manager
Schneider Electric