The 8 wastes of Lean: eliminate sources of waste in your work processes.

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The 8 Wastes of Lean

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With the 8 wastes of Lean Template, identify as a team all types of waste and implement concrete actions to get rid of the waste and improve your performance. Identify sources of waste and work together to find ways of reducing them. Muda means "waste" in Japanese. Working as a team, identify all the types of waste you come across on a daily basis and map them on the waste radar according to the size of the problem. Then highlight waste reduction opportunities and define the actions that need to be put in place.

Make good resolutions with the 8 wastes of Lean and eliminate as a team the most important wastes.

With the 8 wastes of Lean template, identify as a team all the sources of waste in the different sectors of your work environment: lost moments, immobilized or excess products, overproduction, superfluous actions etc. Position each of them on the radar and obtain a simple and visual waste mapping according to its degree of importance. Then define concrete actions to implement to reduce them. A real approach of continuous improvement on a daily basis that is part of the set of Japanese methods known as Kaizen.

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