One-on-one: regular synchronization between the manager and the collaborator

A ready to use template to start working with your team immediately


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With the One-on-one free Template, take regular stock of the situation and define together the required actions to help the employee progress. Staying on the same wavelength: regular one-on-ones for greater efficiency and performance.

Use the "One-on-one" template as a common visual work space where you can draw up the roadmap for the upcoming quarter together and discuss about it regularly as you go along. The associate can share his/her perception of performance since the last meeting, on the tasks performed, sticking points, important information and problems he/she wants to share...

The manager offers advice and feedback to help the associate find the right solutions and make progress. Everything is written down and recorded at each meeting so you can contact each other between meetings via Questions, a tool designed to establish and consolidate trust between associates and managers.

An essential tool to establish or reinforce trust and communication between employee and manager.

"What do you need to talk about this week?" That's the whole point of one-on-one! Rely on the One-on-one template to create privileged moments and accompany your collaborator in his progression. In this real space for exchange and follow-up, define together the objectives, set the steps to follow and collect feedback on the different feelings over the weeks.

For managers, this tool is one of the keys to successful team management. For employees, it is a way to find the listening and feedback needed to progress.  In the office or remotely, throughout the year, improve together!

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