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Brainstorming & Ideation Workshops

Klaxoon makes it simple to generate and organize ideas through efficient brainstorming workshops.

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The concept of brainstorming was first introduced back in 1939, by the American advertiser Alex Osborn. He had thought of an innovative way to generate creative ideas for his clients through teamwork. Since then, brainstorming has been gaining ground in companies and institutions from all spheres, with the aim of accelerating the ideation process.

What exactly makes the originality of brainstorming? There are four main pillars to remember:

  • Listening to all ideas as they come
  • Mental association
  • Prioritizing quantity over quality
  • No judging or censoring any ideas

Now, why not dive into your brainstorming sessions to make them more efficient, and get your team to generate even more ideas?

live workshop using Brainstorming template

Looking for more efficient brainstorming workshops?

Uneven levels of engagement within the team

Brainstorming workshops can lead to several engagement-related challenges, and especially to an imbalance in how different people speak and share ideas:

  • An uninspiring environment for ideation
  • Introverts don’t dare to speak up, while extroverts take up all the space
  • No directives for ensuring that different people have an opportunity to lead the conversation
  • A general lack of motivation in the group
  • A huge amount of ideas to deal with

    As brainstorming sessions are meant to let everybody share what they have in mind, the flow of ideas can quickly get out of control. The thing is, you need to provide clear guidelines for quickly organizing dozens of shared ideas, in order to select the most relevant and actionable ones.

    So, how can you go from a bundle of rough ideas to a clear vision of which ideas to keep, refine and realize? How can you get to the crux of the matter, without losing the right ideas on the way? We have the answer!

    With Klaxoon, take brainstorming workshops from ideas to action

    The Workshop Platform includes a collaborative online Board, designed to help all teams turn brainstorming sessions into efficient and productive workshops. Welcome to an endless space for ideation!

    Manage brainstorming workshops visually, from anywhere

  • On Klaxoon Board, organize, categorize, and like ideas with your team.
  • Connect your team's ideas to generate new ones.
  • Change your perspective by switching between Board, Column, and List views.
  • team brainstorming on a word cloud in a room
    The important thing about Klaxoon is to reinvigorate brainstorming sessions, which are moments of collective intelligence that make all the difference nowadays.

    Edouard Manche Head of Dropbox Education at Dropbox

    Use tried and trusted methods for your brainstorming workshops

  • Find the right method for you in our library of ready-to-use Templates, including icebreakers, Design Thinking, creative matrix, and many more.
  • Use Live in your workshops to ideate in big groups, subgroups, pairs, etc.
  • Be agile in how you lead workshops with a built-in Timer, a Pause feature, Board view synchro, etc.
  • live brainstorming workshop on mobile

    Organize ideas easily for better decision-making

  • Choose how to organize your ideas: automatically, by color, by category, etc.
  • Vote for your preferred ideas with Likes, so you can define the first guidelines for team thinking.
  • Ask Questions to collect instant and consolidated feedback in real time.
  • new idea added to Crazy 8 template
    We're sure to capture every idea, and we take the time afterwards to sort and organize them into action plans.

    Julien Ribeyre Digital Manager at BPI France

    Get inspired for efficient brainstorming workshops with Klaxoon

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    Discover a new generation of workshops designed for hybrid work
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