All your apps integrated with Klaxoon

Klaxoon's API, SDK, and native integrations easily connect to your existing workflows to unlock the full potential of visual management.

Klaxoon Developer Platform

Discover how to integrate Klaxoon with your apps and start building new workflows with Klaxoon API.

Build your own custom integrations and Klaxoon apps with our public API.
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Klaxoon Embed
Embed Klaxoon into your app or website for instant visual management.
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Activity picker
Activity Picker
Browse, pick or create a Klaxoon Activity directly from your product.
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Monitor what's happening and access your company's Klaxoon event logs using the Audit Log API.
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Native integrations

Seamlessly connect your favorite tools and streamline your workflows with our powerful native integrations!

Microsoft Teams

Directly from Teams, bring more structure to your meetings with Klaxoon, to boost engagement and shorten conversations.


Facilitate agile project management by bringing all the power of visual collaboration and collective intelligence into your Jira workflows.


Love integrations? Zapier lets you connect Klaxoon to 1000+ apps.

Google Drive

Import your files directly from Google Drive.

Google Calendar

Attach a Klaxoon activity to your event without leaving Google Calendar.

Google SSO

Connect to Klaxoon securely using Google authentification (SSO).

Microsoft SSO

Connect to Klaxoon securely using Microsoft authentification (SSO).

MS OneDrive

Import your files directly from Microsoft OneDrive.

Azure AD

Provision access to Klaxoon using your existing corporate credentials.

MS Intune

Klaxoon mobile integration with Intune Mobile Application Management (MAM).


Provision access to Klaxoon using your existing corporate credentials.

Apple SSO

Connect to Klaxoon securely using Apple authentification (SSO).

MS Office

Import Word, Excel & Powerpoint documents to Klaxoon.

Adobe CC

Import Photoshop or Illustrator files to Klaxoon with previews.

Google Docs

Open, view and edit Google Docs, Sheets & Slides without leaving Klaxoon.


Preparing your next Session, Quiz or Survey has never been that easy with our Dropbox integration.


Edit, view and comment Confluence Pages without leaving Klaxoon.


Access Klaxoon activities without leaving your Moodle workspace.

And more with over 1000 apps

No-Code solution

Zapier lets you connect Klaxoon to 1000+ apps without code.

Discover Klaxoon + Zapier

Embedded media

Watch, listen or stream media from your favorite audio and video providers directly in Klaxoon presentations, ideas, questions and comments.

With support for enterprise streaming video platforms / protocols (HLS, etc)

Youtube - Dailymotion - Vimeo - Spotify - Deezer

Klaxoon Developer Platform

Get all the tools, APIs and documentation to help you develop Klaxoon apps easily.

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