Project Management

With Klaxoon, move simply and efficiently from ideation to action in all your projects.

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Go from ideas to action

Any goal can be achieved by a project team running efficient workshops to get things done.

From new product launches to updates and internal project rituals, Klaxoon aligns your team in one place, for seamless communication and collaboration. Map out your workflows with Kanban boards, Gantt Charts and user story maps, and make sure every contributor is involved from anywhere.

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We have ready-to-use Templates to help your team achieve your goals at every stage of your project.


The Roadmap template allows you as a team to monitor project management progress in real time.

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Make visual project management fun with Klaxoon’s Board!

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PI Planning

With the PI Planning template, align your teams around a shared vision and mission, and engage them on the built and shared objectives.

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Secure the next steps in all your projects

For project kick-offs, cross-team reviews, priorization, problem-solving and more, save about half of the time in project deliveries, without missing a trick. With Memo, share a recap of all results and learnings from a completed project, and make sure your team can keep track.

Also create a dedicated Network for your project, and make it a private and secure workspace for your project team members. Whether in the office or on the go, your team is notified of updates in your Network's activities at all times.

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Accelerate continuous improvement processes

By scaling up your efficient processes and doubling down on what works, your teams will adopt best pratices quickly and keep improving everyday. Even after a project deployment, you can come back any time on what needs improvement, and run efficient retex workshops on Board.

With Survey, collect feedback from your team through 6 types of questions (single or multiple choice, 5-star rating,...), and get consolidated results at each step. Whenever needed, share updates and improvements on a completed project or step, to discuss to kick-start team collaboration again.

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Meet project managers who have changed the game

Get to know some project managers who are running efficient workshops to engage teams, gather requirements, accelerate deployment or ensure full adoption.

We have a single work area for the project team, on which we can share everything.
Nicolas Trillaud
Head of the LAB'
Occitanie region (France)
Redesigning a website remotely? We would not have been able to do it if we didn't have Klaxoon!
Marianne Comps
Digital Consulting Manager
Klaxoon helps us optimize how we work, share information efficiently and facilitate teamwork in order to achieve our goals without wasting any time.
François Gabart
Skipper & CEO