Project Management

With the Workshop Platform, move simply and efficiently from ideation to action in all your projects.

Go from ideas to action in your projects

Project management is basically about getting from point A to point B. So, pretty much any goal can be achieved by a project team, from new product launches to internal workshops.

For all your ongoing projects, Klaxoon's Workshop Platform allows you to align your team and collaborate seamlessly on a single work document. Map out your workflows with Kanban boards, Gantt charts, and user story maps all in one place and make sure every contributor is involved. You don’t even need to be physically in the same place, because with the Workshop Platform, you can work efficiently from anywhere.

Foster collective intelligence

Instantly engage all the project stakeholders on Board. To sync up with your team, start a Live on the project Board, and collect all their ideas and feedback on current actions, on site or remotely. Your team can also access Board outside of formal workshops to add new input asynchronously.

The Workshop Platform was inspired by visual management and collective learning best practices to help you make clear and impactful projects, and to enhance team synergies.

Secure the next steps in all your projects

Generate new ideas directly on Board for any kind of team ritual or efficient workshop: project kick-offs, cross-team reviews, prioritization, problem-solving, or any other workshop to move your projects forward. Accelerate decision-making and monitor project progress all in one place without missing a trick. In the end, save about half of time in project deliveries!

In our Template library, you will find ready-to-use Boards designed for your specific project needs. You just have to choose a template and customize it with your data and ideas. Your team can access your project from any connected device without installing any software. Get all participants connected, and launch your workshops in seconds!

Accelerate continuous improvement processes

Implement proven lean and agile methods to maintain engagement after launch for better adoption, efficient backlog management, and shared continuous improvement. By scaling up your efficient processes and doubling down on what works, your teams can adopt best practices and create long-term improvement by learning from each other.

You can also collect feedback from your team at any time using various formats of Questions: Yes or No, challenges, polls, votes, or ratings. Share updates to get things done as quickly as possible.

Meet project managers who have changed the game

Get to know some project managers who are running efficient workshops to engage teams, gather requirements, accelerate deployment or ensure full adoption.

We're sure to capture every idea, and take the time afterwards to sort and organize them into action plans.

Julien Ribeyre

Digital Manager
BPI France
Redesigning a website remotely? We would not have been able to do it if we didn't have Klaxoon!

Marianne Comps

Digital Consulting Manager
Klaxoon helps us optimize how we work, share information efficiently and facilitate teamwork in order to achieve our goals without wasting any time.

François Gabart

Skipper & CEO