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Use the Attendance Sheet template to get trainees to sign in at the beginning of their vocational training session as proof of attendance. Get your training session attendance sheets signed, even remotely! Any training session requires attendees to sign an attendance sheet. This is a mandatory requirement under French labor law, and the attendance sheet is legally binding on the trainee, the tutor, the employer and the funding body. The training company or tutor can use it as proof that the module has been delivered, and the employer for a grant application if the session is delivered by an accredited training company. Use the Attendance Sheet template to make sure that your trainees sign the sheet, even when working remotely! You can easily recover the sheet as an image and print it out for anyone who requires it.

Get trainees to sign the attendance sheet whenever they attend a session

Attendance sheet signatures are mandatory for any training course! This also applies to remote training sessions. This is not just a procedure: for example, it is actually a legal requirement under French Labor Law. It is a very useful document in many respects.

What is an attendance sheet?

It is a document that trainees have to sign during a vocational training course as proof of attendance. It is basically a sheet where attendees enter their name, the date and sign, to prove that they have attended the training session. This document serves as proof for all the parties involved, namely:

  • The training organization or freelance tutor,
  • The trainee’s own employer,
  • The funding body.

Which items of information must feature on the attendance sheet?

Below is the list of items required on the document for it to be officially valid:

  • Date
  • Training course title
  • Training organization
  • Tutor’s name
  • Training course subject - with detailed learning objectives as the case may be
  • Course unit titles and times
  • Trainees’ full names
  • Tutor’s signature
  • Trainees’ signatures
  • Employer and training organization logos are optional but can be added.

Why ask attendees to sign an attendance sheet?

An attendance sheet is a document proving that trainees have attended a training session. This also applies to remote training sessions.

With a completed attendance sheet, you can immediately and accurately track your trainees’ attendance, as well as their diligence and punctuality with respect to the schedule. The information can later be used to explain trainee results and satisfaction levels at the end of the course, based on the number of non-attendances, late arrivals, and missing signatures.

The tutor may be self-employed, occasionally working on behalf of a training organization, and paid per assignment. The attendance sheet will then serve as supporting documentation for billing purposes.

For a training course to be eligible for a grant, there must be evidence of the employee’s attendance, the location and date, the tutor in charge of the session and the duration. Reimbursement is subject to the delivery of supporting documents. Grants will only be paid upon receipt of the duly completed and signed attendance sheet. Besides its value as proof of attendance, it is a legal requirement under article R6332-26 of French Labor Law, which governs employers’ grant applications and the payment of trainees under vocational training provisions.

Who uses the attendance sheet template?

This Klaxoon template is designed for individual trainers, official training organizations and anyone providing training courses, both in a classroom and remotely. Like home working, remote training is a growing trend.

An attendance sheet can also be useful outside a training context, e.g. for workshops, and for any facilitator wishing to retain proof of attendance. You can naturally use this template to suit your requirements, for classroom-based and remote sessions alike.

The Attendance Sheet template was first and foremost designed to meet training requirements, but like all the templates in the Klaxoon library it can be customized and adapted according to need. It is entirely up to you to tailor them to your specific requirements!

How can attendees sign the electronic attendance sheet?

Prepare your document and customize it to fit your particular training session. Complete the fields: tutor’s name, date and subject of the training session, unit duration and times. You can also add the training organization’s logo and the company’s name.

At the beginning of the training session, ask attendees to connect to your Board. It’s a very simple process: as soon as you open the Board, it automatically generates a unique login. Attendees can either scan the QR-code or go to klaxoon.com and enter the login.

Then they enter their contact details and sign. How? With the paintbrush available directly in the color ideas. The principle is very easy to explain, for regular Klaxoon users and new users alike.

Who needs to sign? Attendees, obviously, but also the tutor. We recommend signing the form for each half day of training. The tutor can take an instant screenshot once attendees have signed the form and retrieve it.

The Board’s “Pause” feature gives access to signatures over a limited period of time, for a quick, efficient and secure signing process. Beyond the allocated time frame, the attendance sheet will no longer be active. Only you will have access to it for editing.

Ask people to sign the form at the beginning of the session, to check for late arrivals and make sure everyone is present before the session begins. After the lunch break for example, at the beginning of the next module, ask everyone to sign the attendance sheet again.

7 core reasons why you should use the Attendance Sheet template for your training courses

  1. You can easily get the attendance sheet completed and signed, even for a remote session. The tool is simple to set up and share with your trainees and easy for them to access and sign.
  2. Need to convert the attendance sheet into a document to send by email or mail? It’s child’s play! Use the “capture” feature directly on the Board! Easy to do in one click.
  3. You can also visually check trainee presence, even remotely, with Live, the Klaxoon Board’s built-in video conferencing tool.
  4. With the management options, including the “pause” feature, limit document access time. The feature allows you to safely control attendance sheet use.
  5. Klaxoon’s Attendance Sheet template produces entirely digital documents! That way, impossible to lose the sheet! No loose documents: as with all your other Klaxoon Boards, your data is stored, centralized and secure.
  6. Our attendance sheet template is faster and more efficient. Everyone can sign at the same time. No need to pass the sheet around, and that means more precious training time!
  7. Even for classroom-based sessions, electronic attendance sheets are a safer solution for participants, in particular in the current situation, where special precautions and social distancing measures are required. E-signatures require fewer contacts than a handwritten signature. The sheet can be filled in using a desktop or laptop, touch screen, smartphone or tablet.

The user community - tutors in particular - is actively involved in the design of our templates

Like many others, this template stems from Klaxoon’s user community! A keen Klaxoon user (tutor) shared an attendance sheet created via the Klaxoon Board, on Linkedin. Having had to move his training sessions online, he was looking for the simplest and most user-friendly solution to easily switch from a classroom environment to a remote one. He found the answer with Klaxoon, creating his own online attendance sheet¤ template.

Klaxoon’s collaborative tools suite (the Quiz activity, the Ice Breaker templates, and many more!) is highly popular with the training community, so we pay extra special attention to tutors’ needs and expectations. We strive to anticipate their requirements, but we also sometimes pick their brains. That’s what teamwork is all about!

Are you a tutor? Explore our range of training solutions, and in particular our ready-to-use templates, available for digitizing your training program, drafting a training program or a skills assessment, designing a learning path or facilitating an online course. See how others are using Klaxoon: for instance Juliane, research professor at Agrocampus (France), Victor and Guillaume, IT Learning specialists at L’Oréal, Hélène, a university lecturer, Sergio, quality manager and tutor with Alstom, and many other reviews available in the Klaxoon library!

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