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Crazy 8

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Discover the Crazy 8 Template, to let the team's imagination run wild and to come up with new ideas in less than 10 minutes.Working as a team, produce ideas in 8 minutes on 8 different issues and get straight to the pointThe Crazy 8 method is a fast and fun way generating ideas. It starts with each person working against the clock to come up with ideas. Then the ideas are presented and shared in a debriefing session. The time factor means that everyone has to cut to the chase! At the end of the workshop, the team identifies the tasks to be carried out.

Focussing on the ideation time allows you to get straight to the essential.

Eight minutes flat, eight predefined topics: with the Crazy 8 method, everyone sends their ideas in a flash through text, images, web links or even drawings. The team then shares the fruits of its reflection to go further. With Crazy 8, combine ideation with creativity, and come up with an action plan!

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