Colorful Candy Confessions: an icebreaker to get to know your team members


Colorful Candy Confessions

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To start a group activity and get the group in the right mindset, an icebreaker is the ideal solution.
With "Colorful Candy Confessions", team members take turns to tell a juicy anecdote that happened to them, but not just any anecdote... That's precisely the surprise hidden inside the colorful candy. This icebreaker is an opportunity for the group to discover a small part of everyone's personality, whether the team members know one another or not.

Colorful Candy Confessions: Setup of the game

Colorful Candy Icebreaker is the perfect way to learn more about each member of a group. At the start of a group project or workshop, whether in a professional setting or at school, lightening the mood with a fun activity helps improve team spirit.

How does the Colorful Candy Confessions icebreaker work? The activity starts when everyone picks a colorful candy from the candy jar and places it next to their picture in the designated area.

Just like fortune cookies, which contain a small piece of paper with a message or saying on it, each colored candy hides a different message.

Once the message is revealed, each member of the group argues about the candy's inscription. Thanks to this icebreaker template, all the participants speak up to share their anecdote. At any time, the other members of the group can ask questions to learn more.

Instructions for how to play Colorful Candy Confessions

The instructions for playing Colorful Candy icebreaker are very simple. Just pick your favorite candy from the jar, you don't have to do anything else! Once the hidden message is revealed, team members must respond as spontaneously as possible to make the activity dynamic and fun. Everyone takes turns speaking, as if you were all in a circle.
The most important thing is to listen to the answers given by the group, and try to ask questions to get to know the participants.

The Colorful Candy Icebreaker with Klaxoon

Whether you're in the office, at school or remotely, participating in the Colorful Candy Icebreaker activity is easy. The Board allows for more interaction between group members and creates a pleasant working environment.

Invite the team to Board Hybrid

This digital whiteboard with unlimited space places visual communication and interactivity at the center of the team. The team members don’t need to be all in the same room to use it. Live, the built-in videoconferencing tool, eliminates any space-related constraints: everyone can interact directly from their own screens.
This setting is ideal for this icebreaker, which begins with introductions. Members post their picture and enter their first name in the dedicated box.

The Template "Colorful Candy Confessions" is used here on a tablet. A candy jar filled with colored candies is illustrated. | Klaxoon

Get team members talking to each other in 10 minutes flat

On the Board Hybrid, this effect can be achieved by superimposing various elements:a useful tip for other activities! For example, so as not to spill the beans during a presentation and keep group members on their toes.
For this Colorful Candy icebreaker, the messages are unveiled in 3 clicks:

  • One click to pick a candy
  • A second click to ungroup the selection
  • A third click to reveal the surprise message by moving the candy.

Start a countdown using the Board Hybrid’s Timer, to control everyone’s speech time. In turns, everyone tells the other team members an anecdote based on the theme inside their colorful candy. It might be something that happened the day before, something they couldn’t live without, a dream to fulfill, a dream fulfilled, their favorite food, the last stupid thing they did, or a childhood memory.

These anecdotes are a good opportunity for group members to get to know one another better and have a fun time. The messages inside the candies can be customized according to need. That way, the activity can be repeated several times with the same team.  

Team members added their photos and discovered the messages hidden in the colorful candies. | Klaxoon
Overview of the "Colorful Candy Confessions" template used by a team to get to know each other better.

Use our Colorful Candy Confessions Template

For team members who find virtual candy a bit frustrating, why not add a fun twist to the icebreaker Color Candy Confessions and open a real packet of candy to share amongst the group if they are all in the same room?

Ready, steady, go! Don't wait to start this group activity for a fun time. Those with a sweet tooth are getting impatient...

Discover also the template two truths and a lie, the icebreaker that will give you more insight into your team members’ personality.

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