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Are you a teacher or a professional trainer? Is your audience of learners geographically dispersed? With the Facilitate an online course Template, learn how to create and facilitate an effective training session or remote course in 6 steps, for any number of students from 4 to 80. Teach efficiently at a distance, and get your students interested and participating!

An increasing need for online training

Faced with changes in the professional world, employees now prefer remote work, training, project management and management in general, be it alone or as a team. Remote working, hybrid work models and online collaboration have become the norm with sometimes alarming speed for various professional sectors.

According to an Opinion Way poll in May 2021, 8 out of 10 workers would like to keep alternating between in-person and remote work. To help teams be efficient whether working in person or remotely, Klaxoon offers this Facilitate an online course Template.

In a fast-changing world, there is an increasing need for remote learning. As people need to reduce the cost of training facilities, trainers, premises and transport, a lot of them choose remote training.

Step by step, create a customized online course that will engage any kind of audience!

The benefits of online training for learners

The main advantage of taking an online course is being able to choose where and when you learn. Are family commitments hindering your professional development? With remote training, you can use your spare time to carry on learning at home or in a coworking space, for example.

Being able to choose where they study, whether they have peace and quiet or background music, and what tools they use (computer, smartphone, tablet, headset and / or microphone) means people following online courses are more likely to learn smarter, to retain more knowledge and enjoy themselves. Not to mention the considerable time saved by not having to travel! This extremely inclusive format also means that less mobile people can take full advantage of online training.

Flexibility is most definitely an advantage in today’s working world. Training methods and programs have to adapt to new hybrid work models and ways of collaborating.

Finally, people wanting to learn something specific have access to an enormous amount of remote training. Now there's no need to move miles away, rent a room or an apartment temporarily, or make round trips every month to follow ongoing training workshops. All the training you could ever want is within easy reach!

The benefits of online training for trainers

As a trainer or facilitator, it is also very easy to provide remote training asynchronously. All you need is a WiFi connection and a connected device.

The “future of work” tools and methods developed by Klaxoon are continuously supporting and inspiring sectors of activity specializing in learning.

For example, you can create bespoke training sessions to suit all levels of learning; you don't need to lower the level to suit the whole group. You can also try out new learning games, multimedia materials and collaboration tools. These teaching methods allow you to express your creativity, and make your training truly unique and adaptable!

Remote learning is also perfectly suited to initial training, which is usually aimed at young people for whom training is their main activity. But its key asset is that it is particularly suitable for continuous training. It is aimed more at employees, job seekers, entrepreneurs or young graduates wanting to develop specific know-hows or skills. Classes are taken outside working hours for the most part; in the evening, at weekends or during spare time. So, you have plenty of scope to create the perfect online course for your audience!

Design and facilitate an online course in six easy steps

Use Klaxoon’s Network to create an online course

A Klaxoon Network is a private workgroup where you can share activities and articles online. With an unlimited storage space and no time constraints, the Network lets all the invited participants hold discussions and contribute to the group's work autonomously, wherever they are working from.

Start by spending less than 30 minutes creating your Network, and add all the activities you want to share with your students as part of your learning journey. This Facilitate an online course Template gives you a model for a 3-hour course format. Feel free to explore the rich and varied range of Klaxoon activities!

Do you want your students to connect and help each other? Start your training session with an icebreaker, to get to know each other in a fun way.

Do you want to add an existing presentation to your program? Just add it using a Session, or even add and create new slides directly in Klaxoon, and suggest actions for each slide to make your remote learning more dynamic. You can add Live Questions or any other type of activity at any time during your presentation.

Do you want to take your training sessions up a notch with group work? With Klaxoon, create Boards for all your workgroups, and use a Poll or a Rating Question to vote together for the best group’s work!

Use a vast range of visual management possibilities with your Network and whiteboards, to facilitate your training in a dynamic, fun and creative way.

Launch and facilitate your remote training

It’s time to invite your students on your Board by sharing with them the access link to the Network. You can also invite them by email if you want, by using the invitation button or copying the link to your favorite instant messaging app.

Spend 10 minutes presenting your course’s outline, and introducing how Klaxoon works for the people using it for the first time. Explain how your training session will take place, and introduce the activities your students will find in your Network.

Once everyone is logged in, let them join your pre-prepared Session to start your presentation. Even with the best tools in the world, there’s no substitute for a trainer to guide their students. Use the synchronized presentation feature to launch your presentation and display it in full screen, to capture everyone’s attention.

Before you start explaining the concepts you want to share, don’t forget to ask an ice-breaker Question. Then, just deliver your entire course the way you have created it. And one more tip: make sure each part of your training takes no longer than 1 hour, so you keep your students focused!

Facilitate a training session using group work

One of many effective teaching techniques, small group work is extremely motivating and rewarding.

Once you have shared with your students the concepts contained in your course, split them into small groups and let each of them log in to their individual group’s Board. This whiteboard is accessible for everyone at any time for their remote teamwork. And then, you're all set for 50 minutes of group work! Using the Board, students can brainstorm, share links, distribute tasks, visually represent their shared thinking and much more.

If need be, show your students how to launch Live, Board's built-in video conferencing feature, to encourage them to discuss things synchronously as well. They can start with 5, 10 or 15 minute-slots for each step, and repeat it however it best suits them, within your imposed time limit.

And how do you facilitate your online course while your students are working in groups? We advise you to stay on hand to answer any questions your students may ask you via the Question tool, directly from their whiteboard. You get instantly notified of each new question asked and can answer it directly, with or without video conferencing. So, before leaving your students in groups for 50 minutes, be sure to show them how to create Questions for any idea on their Board.

End your online course with proven teaching methods

Once the group work is finished, it’s time for feedback. During the remaining 50 minutes, each group presents their project. Again, as a trainer or teacher you invite all the students to log in to the online course video, and ask each group to choose a spokesperson.

Then, all the participants take it in turns to log in to one of the group’s whiteboards. The spokesperson launches the synchronized presentation so that everyone can follow their group's presentation at the same time. Time this part for approximately 10 minutes for each group, to allow students to discuss and ask questions at the end of each group’s presentation.

And the visual management does not end there. To keep students engaged and motivated until the end, give them 10 more minutes to vote for their favorite group project. All they have to is go to your Poll in the Network and vote for their favorite presentation. Be sure to reward the lucky winners. That makes it more stimulating for your learners!

The Facilitate an online course Template is full of activities and tips to keep all your students interested, participating and engaged in a 3-hour session. This format suits both initial and continuous training, and it will help you facilitate your remote training with any kind of audience!

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