The training program: the training dashboard

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Training program

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With the Training Plan Template, analyze the needs, define as a team the training actions to develop and monitor them easily in one place.

As a team, design your training program and monitor progress in a visual display.

Lead the reflection as a team and move forward step by step in the development of the training plan. Identify the training actions to implement based on the diagnosis, the feedback collected, the context and the organization's objectives. Plan the training activities and the follow up in one place.

A single place to carry out the reflection as a team, from the state of play to the follow-up of the training.

Strategic workforce planning, the company's strategic plan, CSR commitments: centralize all the documents you need, to define the training actions to implement. As a team, take stock of the training courses taken during the year, analyze the training needs adapted to your organization's objectives and to the evolution of techniques and work methods. Simply centralize all the feedback, promote good practices, bring back the managers' analysis and take into account all the ideas.Complementary with your HR tools, this template will allow you to build a reflection, to monitor the training actions implemented and to have an overview, in one place.

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