Personal Skills Assessment: 4 steps to take stock of your career path


Personal Skills Assessment

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Have you got to the stage where you’ve started dreaming of a new job? Are you contemplating a new training course? Before taking things further, follow the Skills assessment template. Work alone or with a partner to complete an extensive and diverse online skills assessment to help you make the right decisions. Find every step of the assessment and the questions to ask yourself on one whiteboard, and get an overview of your analysis to make it easier to move forward!

Do your own skills assessment with Klaxoon

At certain stages of your professional journey, you may feel the need to take stock of your career and your plans. To do this, it’s essential to ask the right questions, starting with "How can I do a skills assessment?". Look no further, the Personal Skills Assessment template is the ideal tool to take a fresh look at your skills, identify what you want to do or what training you need, and consider your development, or even a change of direction!

This ready-to-use template helps you do your online skills assessment step by step, with complete peace of mind. You can use this template alone or, if you like teamwork, with your manager, your human resources officer or an external consultant.

Working with a partner you will produce a tailor-made assessment, full of activities, information and exchanges. You don’t have to have a specific goal when you start, it will become apparent as you progress. First, you need to describe your career path by taking stock of your job and your skills. This might make you rethink your place in your organization, or even sometimes consider retraining or a new training course. Analyzing your personality will then help you to get a better grasp of which direction you should take.

This template offers a dedicated space for each type of need you may have regarding thinking about your professional career.

Why do an online skills assessment with this Klaxoon template?

To make sure you get it right! 

Before radically changing direction, putting your future at stake or rushing into a new training course, a realistic assessment is vital. And it’s even better with someone to help you! You might feel fed up, weary at work, or simply feel out of place, but this can be due to both professional and personal factors. That’s why taking one step at a time is very important. With this online skills assessment, your ideas and what you want in your career become clear, so you can approach your professional future with peace of mind.

Klaxoon’s scalable visual whiteboard brings big benefits to you and the person helping you. You can do this work remotely if you are working from home, in person, or even asynchronously

Start by filling in your own space, before a catch up for example. In the same way, your partner can keep on sharing comments and content with you at any time, so you can move forward before the next catch up. Either way, you won’t lose any information.

What's more, the 4 steps of the skills assessment mean you can share all your ideas in a fun and visual way. The wide range of formats available will stimulate your creativity, and you’ll come up with ideas and desires that you would have never imagined. You really take a leading role in planning your future. Besides, the consultant, manager or HR officer can find the content from all the phases in one place at any time. They can follow your train of thought, and see all the shared resources at a glance.

How to complete your online skills assessment

Go to your whiteboard and invite your partner if you have one.

If you’re doing your skills assessment by yourself, just follow the steps at your own pace. Complete each area, one after the other, and feel free to use other Klaxoon activities to get a better understanding of your personality!

If you are an HR officer or manager, personalize the process by adding the resources the participant needs to get them thinking. For example, in step 2, use the participant’s job description to add skills to the spider diagrams. Set regular short catch-ups to see how things are progressing.

If you are a skills assessment consultant, use the whiteboard like a tracking and sharing tool. Centralize all the tools you use during the assessment: for example, add a link to a personalized questionnaire, a career test etc.

Either way, you can modify the space however you want and add boxes, text and colors as need be using the toolbar. Use the Question tool to ask your partner or even external people for information, opinions or meetings. To help you, there are four pre-set colors to post your ideas: 

  • Yellow for comments
  • Green for questions
  • Purple for feedback
  • Orange for resources

So, when you switch to Column view, you instantly see where you are in your assessment. Go on, give it a go!

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