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Launched in 2015, Klaxoon is a French company and a member of the French Tech 120. The company is made of 250+ talents spread all around the world.

Klaxoon teams together on the beach

Join the Interactive Team

Believe in our strengths, and take things to the next level!

At Klaxoon, we nurture thought-sharing, open-mindedness, passion, respect, engagement, ambition and trust. We believe in our human strengths and strive for excellence by taking things very seriously while keeping that touch of playfulness. Our motto: humility, simplicity and kindness.

Klaxoon is a story of passionate people driven by an Interactive Spirit. We deeply care about this unique state of mind. We maintain it thanks to the high energy, passion and creativity that we pour into all of our work.

A united Klaxoon team ready to play in an indoor stadium

Developing talent together

At Klaxoon, employee onboarding is everyone's business! Through key milestones and cross-functional team rituals that take place regularly throughout the year, all employees meet, bond and connect, even remotely. A work environment designed for all individualities to thrive within Klaxoon's collective, where everyone can find their place, build relationships, learn from others and grow.

A welcome ritual for newcomers at Klaxoon

Workplaces designed for teamwork

Klaxoon was born global & hybrid. Our workspaces were all designed to allow for a better connection between all teams, either on site or remotely. The Klaxoon Campus in Rennes is the center and HQ of our international organization. Klaxoon offices can be found in Paris and Lyon, with teams in the UK and Germany. All those workspaces were designed to foster efficient teamwork for our 250+ employees as they support clients in more than 120 countries. All venues were also designed with hybrid work in mind, enabling remote staff to connect easily with their peers in the office.

Three people working at the Klaxoon Store in Paris

Key figures

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Interview process

Phone interview

After your application or first contact, we will start with a phone interview with one of our recruiters to talk about the position, your job search, and to get to know you, of course!

Job interviews

This phase is composed of 2 to 3 interviews (on site or remote). You will meet with a recruiter, the hiring manager, and the Head of the team you are applying to. Some positions may require technical abilities and language speaking assessments.


If everything goes well and you're on board, your onboarding process will begin. Our teams of amazingly talented people await you eagerly!

What working @Klaxoon looks like?

💡 Simple, flexible and inspiring workspaces dedicated to teamwork
Hybrid or remote work
🎤 Interactive moments and afterworks all year long
💻 Premium IT equipment
🚀 Klaxoon Academy to sharpen your professional skills
⭐ Many opportunities to reveal your hidden (or not) talents such as music, cooking sessions, gardening (and many more)
🎉 Participate in several events such as trade shows, product launches and more!

Jobs opening

What our teammates say

Klaxoon, a committed and responsible company

At Klaxoon, one of our core values is to cultivate differences. Letting each individual express their personality, background, experience, convictions, talents and ideas, that's our aim. Let it be clear: be yourself! That's what Klaxoon is all about :)

We believe that inclusion is everyone's business, which is why we have created awareness campaigns on these subjects with our partner Remixt.

Klaxoon has always been committed to working with partners on diversity and inclusion issues : fighting against exclusion, discrimination and for gender diversity, boosting women's involvement in the IT environment, supporting the Economic Inclusion Summit, participating in "refugee-employee" co-training program in the workplace, etc.

Three Klaxoon employees on their bikes on their way to work

About Klaxoon

Our mission is to empower every team member to unleash their full potential, enhance efficiency across all projects through advanced visual management techniques, and tap into the transformative power of collective intelligence.
Klaxoon is used by thousands of teams in over 150 countries for team rituals, workshops, customer meetings, cross-functional projects, training and more.

15% of the Fortune 500, SMEs, universities, NGOs, public institutions and independent consultants use Klaxoon on a daily basis to achieve high levels of engagement and more inclusive, participative and creative teamwork.