HR Teams

With the Workshop Platform, simply engage with talents, run efficient interviews and onboardings.

Engage more with the talents you need

The role of HR teams is key to shaping the present and future of a company. From recruitment to onboarding and training programs, you are the go-to team for all career-related topics, and that is very important to every colleague or new applicant.

As the voice of your company in such crucial situations, you need to ensure you make yourself clear, impactful, and inspiring at each step. With the Workshop Platform, you can conduct visual and efficient job interviews and monitor new recruits. And this is where it all begins!

Speed up the recruitment process and inspire new talents

The relationship between a recruiter and a candidate is defined by the quality of discussions, from the very first interview. A personalized approach, authentic dialog and efficient follow-ups are your best tools for celebrating a new recruit’s first steps in your company.

Then, more than just a phone call, you can offer your candidates a unique experience by inviting  them to a Live on a dedicated Board. This Board can include several activities such as Quizzes, Polls, or an Adventure that allow applicants to discover your company. And all along the way, they can share their ideas and questions in real time.

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HR’s role is to optimize your company’s talent, and for each one, there is a ready-to-use Template that will inspire applicants, new hires and teams.

Take newcomers for a five-star HR onboarding, wherever you are

Found the perfect applicant? Congratulations! Now comes another huge part of your new recruit's journey: the onboarding process. Good onboarding is crucial to help newcomers find their feet in the company and help them get results faster.

So, how can you create an amazing onboarding experience, whether you are on site or working remotely? Start with a Board and clearly define each step and challenge for the new recruits: meeting all their future colleagues, completing their first tasks, etc. And remember to always ask for their feedback and questions!

Design outstanding HR training programs and monitor their success

Training is essential to boost every team’s motivation, performance, and to foster continuous improvement. To maximize the impact and efficiency of training sessions, there's no better way than organizing dedicated workshops, so that everybody feels involved in the learning process. To ensure your training session is successful, you must generate interaction between the participants.

Fortunately, with our Workshop Platform, you can launch a workshop from anywhere, and on any device. When everybody is ready, use Live to remind the team of the session’s goals. Then, choose the most appropriate format for sharing the key messages: brainstorming, presentation, final quiz,... There are so many possibilities! And once the session is over, evaluate how well the team has understood the content to reinforce learning.

Meet HR trailblazers and training pioneers

Get to know HR teams and trainers who have switched to Klaxoon’s efficient workshop tools for innovative job interviews, training sessions and onboarding programs.

It's very easy to launch a Brainstorm in Klaxoon. Above all, it enables everyone to express themselves.

Hélène Blanquet

Director of Employee Innovation and Change
I have enjoyed preparing my training sessions and thinking about new and varied interactions as much as I have enjoyed delivering them.

Dominique Rondot

CEO & Professional Trainer
C3S Consulting
We can measure that our 200,000 employees can retain the information we are training them on.

Aleigha Roberts

Security Awareness Training Manager
Delta Airlines