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HR Teams

With the Workshop Platform, simply engage with talents, run efficient interviews and onboardings.

two HR representatives conducting remote interviews

Engage more with the talents you need

From recruitement to onboarding and training program, your role is key to shaping the present and future of a company.

With the Workshop Platform, be clear, impactful and inspiring at every stage of recruitment. Conduct your interviews and recruitment follow-ups visually in a single workspace.

HR team workshop around an interview template

Inspire candidates during recruitment

Improve your candidate experience with a personalized approach, authentic discussions and effective exchanges.

Before an interview, centralize all the information to share with applicants on Board, the virtual whiteboard of the Workshop Platform. Then, invite them on the Board and launch a videoconference. Set a timer for the call to keep track of the interview. Meanwhile, the candidates can share their questions in real time on the Board.

HR representative conducting a one-to-one workshop remotely

Make onboardings possible on-site and remotely

Good onboarding is crucial to help newcomers find their feet in the company, and then get operational faster.

With the Workshop Platform, create an extraordinary experience, remotely or face-to-face. Use Session to prepare a slideshow to introduce their missions to newcomers, while they can react online in real time by liking, commenting or asking questions. At the end of the workshop, send them a Memo containing all the things to keep in mind.

HR representative running an onboarding workshop remotely

Design engaging HR training programs

To maximize the impact and efficiency of training sessions, there's no better way than organizing participative workshops.

Invite participants to join learning activities, and interact from any connected device. After the training, share a Memo with the summary of the new concepts to be explored autonomously, and send a Survey to collect feedback from the team. Thanks to data extracts, you know exactly which aspects of the training have led to concrete actions.

ideas shared on Board by trainees on mobile

Meet HR trailblazers and training pioneers

Get to know HR teams and trainers who have switched to Klaxoon’s efficient workshop tools for innovative job interviews, training sessions and onboarding programs.

It's very easy to launch a Brainstorm in Klaxoon. Above all, it enables everyone to express themselves.

Hélène Blanquet

Director of Employee Innovation and Change
I have enjoyed preparing my training sessions and thinking about new and varied interactions as much as I have enjoyed delivering them.

Dominique Rondot

CEO & Professional Trainer
C3S Consulting
We can measure that our 200,000 employees can retain the information we are training them on.

Aleigha Roberts

Security Awareness Training Manager
Delta Airlines