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With Klaxoon, it's easy to share and connect your ideas to organize them in visual mindmaps.

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Mindmapping, or mental mapping, is a simple and visual way to organize ideas, by representing and connecting them in a dedicated space. Photos, words, symbols, colors, drawings, everything can be used to convey your message, and to make sure everyone in your business team understands it.

This powerful and creative tool can help improve team meetings, workshops, learning and information retention. On a mindmap, it becomes easier to visualize all the ins and outs of a project in no time, and then faster find the right solutions. Even more, this can help a lot to increase productivity and boost your team's collaboration and creative energy!

before and after, from sticky notes to mindmapping tool

Looking for more efficient and visual mindmaps?

A need to structure your mindmaps

If you have already tried to share your ideas visually through mind maps, one of your main conclusions probably would have been that it can quickly get out of control. Too much space on one side, not enough on the other, with 100 sticky notes holding tight in a little square, and threads between ideas crossing in all directions...

Does this ring a bell? In the end, it can even raise doubts about the efficiency of mindmapping in your work, because the after picture looks more confusing than the before. Then, how can you save time and make your group mind mapping sessions clear and logical?

A tough exercise as a team

When it's just you and your mindmap, it is easier to represent things in the way you imagine them. But when a project requires to be mapped visually with your team for effective business, you need skills and help to ensure good overall coordination, especially when everyone is not physically together.

To put into perspective all the shared ideas, your mind map needs to be constantly up to date as the group reflection moves forward. And here is how you can make it work with organized, collaborative and accessible mindmaps!

Klaxoon, for collaborative mindmapping

Klaxoon includes Board, a digital collaborative whiteboard designed to help all teams learn new skills and materialize their ideas visually online, for impactful mind mapping on any screen. Discover an effective way to work, share and ignite collaboration and engagement within your team!

Organize and sort your ideas on any device

  • Add ideas on Board in various creative formats: images, text, videos, drawings, documents,...
  • Use connectors or arrows to match ideas together, for immediate visual associations.
  • Organize, class and sort the ideas shared by the team for clear mindmaps.
mindmapping workshop run remotely on two screens
I use Klaxoon to avoid piles of post-it® that come unstuck and you need to put back and copy.
Hélène Blanquet
Digital Manager at BPI France
I use Klaxoon to avoid piles of post-it® that come unstuck and you need to put back and copy.

Hélène Blanquet

Learn from idea sharing and foster collective intelligence

  • Gather all your team and its ideas in the same digital workshop or meeting space for ideation.
  • Like the most relevant ideas shared by the group to fuel the collective thinking process.
  • Launch Live workshops to discuss your mind mapping in real time on Board, or work on it asynchronously.
team running a workshop on desktops

Make your ideas grow with your projects

  • Save time by duplicating, dragging and dropping your ideas online on Board.
  • Work with confidence on your mindmaps thanks to autosavings, from any connected device.
  • Ask Questions to participants, and collect instant feedback to update your mindmaps: open questions, Quiz, Survey,...
question asked to the team on mobile
We're sure to capture every idea, and take the time afterwards to sort and organize them into action plans.
Julien Ribeyre
Digital Manager at BPI France

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