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Working in agile mode has become a leitmotif for many companies and experts over the last few years. But what is behind the concept of agility? Well, it is all about continuously sharing feedback with your team in a flexible way, adapting to a changing environment, and making collaboration with customers a top priority.

Teams and companies of all sizes can draw inspiration from best practices to switch their organization to agile methods! Whether your teams are physically in the same place or miles apart, to succeed you have to make communication as fluid as possible.

Now, let's see how agility experts can further simplify and improve their daily practices, and how even novices can get started easily!

A Live workshop on a Board using the Kanban template

Looking to collaborate more efficiently in agile mode?

A need of framework for efficient interactions

To get things done efficiently with your agile team, you need to establish a framework that can adapt to any eventuality. And this often means hours of upstream research to define the project milestones and everyone's role, without even mentioning sprint logistics.

So, what is the best strategy to iterate fluently without missing a beat and adjust your ongoing actions as needed? Just keep reading to find out!

Too many versions

Having too many versions of your deliverables often leads to confused organization and staggered communication, which makes it difficult for the team to remain synchronized. In the meantime, everyone keeps sharing version updates so fast that you don't even have time to check the previous ones. How can you avoid losing information in this type of situation?

In addition, let's not forget about coordinating people working on site and perhaps remotely - each using their own tools and sharing information through a wide range of channels. You HAVE to make each step crystal clear in your mind, and Klaxoon is the answer!

Klaxoon, agile tools for agile teams

Klaxoon includes a collaborative online Board, to help all teams run any agile project smoothly. Here is how it will help you get your ideas over the finish line and take you even further if you are already an agile expert!

Collaborate with your whole team, whenever you need, wherever you are

  • Share a dedicated online Board that everyone can access all the time, even outside of sprints or meetings.
  • Launch Live workshops on the same Board to sync-up during video conferences - even when you are on the go on your smartphone.
  • Switch workstations and devices easily, with no software installation or physical equipment required.
A Live session run remotely in a dinner with Planning Poker template
People feel free to speak in a way they didn't always feel before. It enables us to engage the collective, and give a shared sense of belonging to people who aren't in the same place.
Christelle Shan
Agile Coach at Allianz
People feel free to speak in a way they didn't always feel before. It enables us to engage the collective, and give a shared sense of belonging to people who aren't in the same place.

Christelle Shan

Share it, test it, change it, with no limits

  • Work with confidence: all your data is saved on Board in real time.
  • Update your versions easily and keep them all in one place to ensure continuous improvement.
  • Test as many versions as you need, collect feedback and make the required changes.
Memo rating by the team displayed on mobile

Bring in a clear and seamless team dynamic

  • Create Networks, private workgroups to organize your stand-ups, sprint schedules, retrospectives, and more.
  • Compare all your versions in a single space, and easily define new areas for improvement.
  • Ask each other Questions to keep moving forward together, alongside other ongoing projects.
  • Make sure everyone is fully involved in discussions, in real time or asynchronously.
A team running a hybrid working session with videoconference
Klaxoon helps us optimize how we work, share information efficiently, and facilitate teamwork, without wasting time.
François Gabart
Skipper and CEO of MerConcept

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