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With Klaxoon, IT workshops are made easy for the teams building tomorrow's future.

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Foster efficiency in your IT projects

When working on tech side, anticipation and continuous improvement are key so that your product, service or IT infrastructure meets all the customers' expectations.

With Klaxoon, reach an outstanding collaboration level with your team working from anywhere. Be efficient at every step, from design to development and testing, to deliver up to twice as fast.

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For each IT mission to elaborate outstanding products, features, and processes, there's a ready-to-use template to inspire your teamwork.


With this Brainstorming template, generate new ideas as a team and move forward quickly.

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Remote (team)work

Discover how to work effectively as a team, even remotely.

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Sprint review

Use the “Sprint Review” template to check the state of play with your scrum project and to collect feedback to prioritize.

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Work remotely and asynchronously

Klaxoon has been designed to adapt to any collaborative situation or style of work. Just like if you were in the office, simply exchange with your team thanks to the new design of Live videoconference feature, also available on mobile.

Enjoy your video synchronizations without worrying about extraneous noise, to hear and be heard better during your workshops. To set up your activities faster, our library of ready-to-use templates is full of pre-filled Boards to try.

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Deliver faster, together

Klaxoon includes a wide range of engaging activities to collect and process feedback as a team. With Question, easily ask anything to anyone in seconds, and be notified when you get the answer.

Also accelerate decison-making by gathering collective opinions through votes, polls, or word clouds. And with Mission and Adventure, challenge your team in a gamified environment.

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Meet pioneering IT teams

Get to know some IT teams who have adopted efficient tools for innovating on project management and on-site or remote collaboration.

For remote meetings, Klaxoon made discussions more fluid.
Philippe Métais
R&D Innovation Data PM
What Klaxoon does is that it simplifies the entire meeting effort. I think it's a game changer!
Tony Alvarez
Sr IT Director for Technology Innovations
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I like having an open mind-mapping platform that's constantly in place, so that people can submit their ideas outside of meetings.
Christopher Chain
Sr Software Engineer