IT Teams

With the Workshop Platform, IT workshops are made easy for the teams building tomorrow's future.

Foster collaboration and efficiency in your IT projects

Working on the tech side is like building a skyscraper and making sure it can weather the strongest storms. Your job is all about anticipation and continuous improvement so that your product, service, or IT infrastructure meets all the customer’s expectations and more.

To achieve this ultimate goal, in addition to specifications, planning sheets and bug reports, outstanding collaboration within your team is key. With the Workshop Platform, you can be responsive and productive as a team at every step, from design to development and testing.

Make your workflows clear and visual

As you are constantly switching from code to words, complex workflows and processes, you need to keep it 100% clear, fluid, and well-organized. The more visual the information, the better your team will remember the information. It will also increase engagement and participation during team sync-ups.

And that’s what Board is all about: an all-in-one collaborative space for visual and efficient workshops. From brainstorming sessions to retrospectives and sprints, you can share all your ideas with your colleagues, in any format. You can also integrate Klaxoon with Jira, meaning Board will automatically synchronize your ideas into Jira tickets.

Work remotely just as if you were in the office

Whether you are working from home or on the other side of the world, there has been a huge shift for many of us over the last few years. In the post-pandemic context, many IT teams have adopted hybrid or 100%-remote work methods. And is there anything better than knowing that you can change locations without any hiccups, and work in real time or asynchronously with the same efficiency?

The Workshop Platform has been designed to adapt to any collaborative situation or style of work. You can access your projects and workshops from any connected device, wherever you are, and enjoy the same UX and features. And this goes for small teams or big companies!

Deliver faster, together

Challenges to meet, goals to achieve, skills to level-up,... Does this remind you of something? Bringing IT projects to life is actually a lot like playing a board game: it requires creativity, good communication, and a sense of strategy. Our powerful and engaging technology boasts many features to help you and your team deliver your projects on time.

For example, Klaxoon's Workshop Platform includes a wide range of collaborative and innovative activities. You can launch Quizzes, Missions, or Adventures to introduce new concepts or share key results with your colleagues. With Questions, you can also ask your team for feedback and quickly foster dialogue and efficient thinking.

Meet pioneering IT teams

Get to know some IT teams who have adopted efficient workshop tools for innovating on project management and on-site or remote collaboration.

For remote meetings, Klaxoon made discussions more fluid.

Philippe Métais

R&D Innovation Data PM
What Klaxoon does is that it simplifies the entire meeting effort. I think it's a game changer!

Tony Alvarez

Sr IT Director for Technology Innovations
Holiday Inn Club Vacations
I like having an open mind-mapping platform that's constantly in place, so that people can submit their ideas outside of meetings.

Christopher Chain

Sr Software Engineer