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Klaxoon makes it simple to set clear strategic goals and run efficient team planning, from anywhere.

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More than ever, strategic thinking needs to be enhanced by collaboration and agility. Being able to react and adjust your actions continuously is key for effective long-term planning. And because strategic planning requires your teams to extend visibility on projects as far as possible, you need to ensure you can engage all team members, and easily get in sync at any time, from anywhere.

Fortunately, you can rely on Klaxoon's innovative and collaborative technology to organize efficient strategic workshops, and make your whole team part of it, whatever its size. Make your sessions visual, interactive, and accessible on site or remotely, from any device. We have many ways to help you unlock your teamwork potential!

A team running a Product Backlog workshop on a MeetingBoard

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A need to define clear strategic goals

Long-term strategic plans might seem set in stone at first, but then after running the process for a while, you may find that nothing works out as planned. How can you keep your team engaged around common and clearly defined strategic goals?

Klaxoon helps you and your team adapt together, at every step of your strategic thinking. Learn from past experiences at any point to set up realistic goals, and keep them in mind as your team moves forward!

A need for better planning tools

If strategy is the "What", efficient planning is an important part of the "How". This means that using an unsuitable planning tool to set up your working sessions and action plans may have a direct impact on their efficiency and team involvement.

The thing is, there are countless planning tools on the market. And there is always something missing, whether that be an inability to see the big picture or follow up deadlines, or difficulty aligning distributed teams... Your collaborative tools need to be visual and intuitive enough to ensure nothing is left to chance in such a crucial business context as strategic planning.

Innovate your strategic thinking with Klaxoon

Klaxoon includes a collaborative online Board, designed to empower all teams and help them make efficient strategic planning in any domain of business. From ideas to concrete results, we help you keep an eye on everything that is going on!

Set up concrete strategic goals for everyone

  • Make sure everyone is involved and has an opportunity to provide their input, in real time or asynchronously.
  • Get things done by asking your team Questions in the form of votes, ratings, Yes/No, polls, word clouds, etc.
  • Organize efficient strategic sync-ups with proven methods.
new idea added on a board on desktop remotely
I think this is a very engaging technology in a sense that people want to continue to use it.
Nicolas Ontiveros
Software Engineer at Microsoft
I think this is a very engaging technology in a sense that people want to continue to use it.

Nicolas Ontiveros

Make the process clear (finally!) through visual management

  • Use colors and qualify, sort and categorize your ideas more clearly.
  • Work from anywhere on versions that are updated in real time.
  • Switch from a detailed view to a global vision of your projects in seconds.
A team in a room, running workshops on several devices

Stay aligned with your team, no matter what

  • Centralize all your documents, feedback, reports, and action plans in one place.
  • Share a common schedule and keep track of all actions.
  • Establish team rituals to improve communication and collaboration.
Planning template on a mobile screen
With Klaxoon, we have implemented digital visual management. In just over a month, we have tackled and resolved 80% of our issues.
Manager in the insurance sector

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