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Organize remotely the reopening of agencies with a strict protocol

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Nicolas Maxime
Project coordinator and head of the statistics department, Pôle emploi Bretagne

The challenge for Nicolas and his team: to set up in 10 days the resumption of activity of the 37 Pôle emploi Bretagne agencies. After the health crisis of Covid-19, the offices must be able to receive the public according to a precise health facility. Nicolas opens a Klaxoon Brainstorm to list the barrier measures to apply in each agency, and he uses the Template feature to apply the Brainstorm on a case-by-case basis. The result? A harmonized visual monitoring for all, a micro and macro view of the project's progress, 100% remote control! The use of Klaxoon generates collective emulation and allows the sharing of best practices. Within 2 weeks, the reopening is effective.

Thanks to the template, each agency prepares its resumption on the same basis

In order to make the reopening of the 37 Breton branches of Pôle emploi as efficient as possible, Nicolas Maxime uses Klaxoon. He creates a Brainstorm template shared with his whole team, so that all agencies organize their disaster recovery plan from the same framework. The Brainstorm offers a detailed and visual monitoring for all: it allows to integrate photos and circulation plans in the premises. Thus, each employee can plan for his or her return to the agency: the agency's in and out traffic flow, the offices that remain closed, the barrier gestures to be applied... Everything is clear!

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