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With the Team Challenge template, use a competition based on a common goal to unleash the team's potential. Focusing on a unifying goal, embrace the competitive attitude that resides in all your team members to improve team spirit and collective performance, and lead to better teamwork in the future. With the Challenge template, manage your team while creating real momentum and exceeding your goals together.

The template to combine team spirit with collective performance

Schedule 300 sales appointments in a week, get a fixed amount of customer feedback in a day, organize a game during a seminar, accelerate sales or a recruitment campaign by encouraging everyone to work together toward a common goal for a month,... Here are some examples of professional goals that can easily lend themselves to a team challenge. In addition to encouraging teamwork, the challenge stimulates everyone’s competitive spirit and improves collective performance.

Regardless of whether you’re used organizing challenges in your management or not, any team can try it. Depending on the subject, it can last between one week and a month. With this Challenge template, it is easy to unleash the team’s competitive spirit while sharing good practices, and thus boost your performance in a positive atmosphere.

With Klaxoon's highly visual Board, everyone can see where the others are in real time. The whole team can get involved in building individual and collective skills, even remotely, from any connected device. So go on and try the ready-to-use Challenge template!

Visually define the objectives and accomplishments related to each member of your team.

Use challenges to improve teamwork and team spirit

According to Roger Mucchielli, author of the well-known management study Working in teams, team spirit is not a given. It takes personal effort and skill that is gradually acquired from aiming at cohesion and organization.

According to him, “A team is built, team spirit is cultivated. [...] The appropriate means must be provided to make a group a team geared toward achieving a common goal and to keep the team alive.” Which is why using challenges at work can result in better collective efficiency. Everyone's competitive nature is aroused, and collective performance is boosted. It’s all about mobilizing a team around a common goal while having fun. We know that a context of a game makes it easier to surpass our limits, rather than simply writing down some professional goals to be achieved.

When playing a game, each player aims to pull off an absolute master stroke that will ensure their success and that of their team too. Good teamwork is a delicate balance between competition and collaboration, two elements highlighted in the Team Challenge template.

How to use Klaxoon’s Challenge template

First, carefully prepare your playground on the whiteboard. Explain the goal of the team challenge simply, with one success criterion. The result must be quantifiable, so avoid purely qualitative challenges. Note the rules of the game: the time it will take, how to score, which are the milestones and the rewards to expect from it.

Adapt the game to suit your needs. You can change the visual aspect depending on your project theme, what your collaborators like or the season of the year, for example.

You’re all set: you can now invite your team members to this workshop! Everyone has to send two photos of themselves: one at the start to move around the course, and one in the point scoring table. And then, for example, for each new sales appointment you make, note whether it’s remote or physical in its Category, and add the contact's name, their job and the date as its Dimensions. Don’t forget to select the right color to add up the points!

You can of course adapt both Categories and Dimensions, and schedule key milestones during the game. Throughout the challenge, participants will be moving their avatar forward on the course, according to their score, and they will be able to do it from any connected device and at any time. The first people to move on to the next step can also suggest good working practices to the rest of the team. If need be, for your project management, to clearly see the number of appointments made physically or remotely during the challenge, switch to Column view and sort the ideas by Category.

Don’t forget to organize a prize giving or awards ceremony at the end of the challenge, and use this opportunity to revisit all the good practices shared during the whole game. This way, you will all efficiently improve together!

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