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How to effectively transform a sports team’s practices in hybrid mode

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The B&B Hotels - KTM team

The B&B Hotels - KTM professional cycling team was founded in 2018 in Brittany, France. It now has more than 80 people spread across 5 countries and 40 French departments. From tracking athletes’ performances to the daily coordination of sports projects and events, the team has completely transformed its collaboration practices by establishing fluid and efficient communication, wherever everyone is located.

The challenge: centralize exchanges and build team spirit, even remotely

Jérôme Pineau is the General Manager of the B&B Hotels - KTM cycling team. He explains that, unlike some clubs that require face-to-face meetings, the people involved in the project do not always work from the same place. Some of them even travel a lot between several countries! For Jérôme, the challenge was to give them the means to stay in close contact with each other despite the distance, feeling as if they were “living under the same roof and not missing out on anything” from the group’s exchanges.

Laurane Habasque works as a Community Manager within the team. She noted that the various channels of communication between club members had multiplied, and that it was becoming difficult to keep track of exchanges. This also raised the issue of effective information tracking within the team.

To address these issues, both Jérôme and Laurane emphasized the need for a centralized tool for the entire team and the project’s stakeholders. This tool would create a real link between the organization’s employees, whether they are on site or working remotely, while making the information accessible to everyone. And for this, B&B Hotels - KTM chose Klaxoon’s Board.

A person uses Board from their cellphone for the morning team meeting. | Klaxoon
Board is a tool dedicated to efficient teamwork, which can be accessed from any connected device.

The solution: transform team rituals and performance tracking with Board

Easier tracking of riders’ performance in hybrid mode

The quest for performance is at the heart of the B&B Hotels - KTM cycling team’s project. To ensure the best possible tracking of athletes’ training and results (following training courses, competitions, etc.), Fabien Rabeau, Performance Manager and Physical Trainer, has opened a Board where everyone can access data and feedback: each rider’s times, goals set for the next stages, etc.

For Fabien, “Klaxoon gives us a clear idea of what’s going on.” All performance meetings are held directly in Board in synchronous mode, thanks to its integrated Live video conferencing feature, which allows the entire team to be connected in the same space. And outside of the meetings, each participant can also add their ideas asynchronously, with the Board remaining open and accessible at all times.

Klaxoon allows us to give much more space to ideas and content than to video conferencing. Fabien Rabeau, Performance Manager and Physical Trainer for the B&B Hotels - KTM team
A person working on a cycling workshop in Board. | Klaxoon
You don’t have to be in a meeting room to track performance effectively!

New formats for effective team rituals

In addition to their 24 athletes, the B&B Hotels - KTM team has nearly 60 people responsible for managing and promoting the project. Among them, the team led by Thibault Desmasures, Marketing and Sales Director, also uses Board for their daily rituals and effective information sharing.

Each day begins with a 15-minute check-in, still in Board thanks to Live, to take stock of the current and upcoming topics. Both synchronously and asynchronously before the meeting, each team member checks that the information shared about their tasks is up to date.

We are kept up to date almost instantly with the information we need, and able to write up reports right in time. Thibault Desmasures, Marketing and Sales Director of the B&B Hotels - KTM team

In addition, Board gives the team a comprehensive overview of their calendar, and everyone can refer to it to organize their own assignments.

Example of the calendar dedicated to Community Management, where the color code allows you to instantly understand the nature of the information shared.

The result: an overall transformation of practices for improved and effective collaboration

Jérôme Pineau: "Thanks to Klaxoon, I have saved 10 to 12% of my time, which, as a company manager, is a considerable time-saving." | Klaxoon

For the entire B&B Hotels - KTM team, Board provided a simple yet powerful solution to ensure good communication of information, as well as to strengthen the link between the project’s stakeholders throughout the adventure.

Thibault Desmasures: “Klaxoon has simplified exchanges and personal organization for everyone. It’s an additional link between the different employees in the organization.” | Klaxoon

Fabien emphasizes the tool’s ability to accelerate collaboration: “Whenever we need to focus on an action or project, we need it to go fast.” The more fluid the exchanges, the clearer the objectives, and the more effectively the team thinks through them.

For Laurane, Board also promotes the anticipation of topics, particularly thanks to the work it allows asynchronously, before or after the meetings. As she says, this means “you don't arrive at a meeting without knowing what you're going to talk about,” as each participant has already shared the information needed to move forward.

In conclusion, Sébastien Pineau, the club’s General Manager, highlights the power of this tool, which centralizes all the exchanges to help teams take a step back and see how far they’ve come and the goals they’ve reached. This makes it possible to unite all the team members around the project on an ongoing basis.

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