More Than An Athlete: the visual management of team performance

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More Than An Athlete

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With the More Than An Athlete Template, accompany your team in a personalized way to achieve sporting excellence together. Coach athletes and help them achieve their goals, while optimizing your performance, even remotely! The More Than An Athlete template is an easy and user-friendly way for athletes to express their needs and prepare for the challenges ahead! Coach and athlete can use this template remotely, to agree on a bespoke daily training program for the month ahead. Managers and project leaders in any field can also adapt this template for their work environment: every team member needs to be individually monitored and to be given synchronized benchmarks to meet their objectives. Now, it’s your turn!

In this real exchange space and follow-up with your athlete, build together a tailor-made sports program that follows you everywhere.

Define the steps, the objectives, collect daily feedback, make each athlete responsible for a common project to improve his or her performance and to achieve goals. And because in sport as well as at work, the strength of the team is the key to success, this template also deploys very well with a few adjustments in the world of work.

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