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SNCF Réseau coordinates its digital transformation project management with Klaxoon


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Marc Pommepuy
innovation and digital transformation project manager, SNCF Réseau

Innovation project manager and driver of digital transformation at SNCF Réseau, Marc Pommepuy is responsible for deploying new digital tools that SNCF Réseau employees regularly use. His latest objective: to deploy the Klaxoon tool within the teams for which he is responsible for the digital transition. It's child's play for the project manager, who has been using Klaxoon since September 2019 to plan interventions. He also uses it as a collaborative and hybrid project management tool.

Marc's challenge: make the teams of a large group work remotely as if they were in person

At the beginning of 2020, in the context of lockdowns, SNCF Réseau employees are asking for new, more collaborative tools, to do remotely what they are used to doing in person.

Marc has already been using Klaxoon since September 2019 and has decided to rely on this tool, which he particularly appreciates, to meet this demand. The challenge for him is to convince people that Klaxoon is the right tool. The one that allows him to ensure collaborative, interconnected and hybrid project management, all-in-one.

Marc then needs to:

  • create a centralized space where he can invite everyone to participate and learn,
  • a space that perfectly replaces face-to-face meetings,
  • a tool that allows him to get feedback and generate reports very quickly. 

To stimulate employee interest in Klaxoon and support its deployment in teams, Marc relies on a dynamic testimonial program with experienced Klaxoon users. He plans online conferences during which the speakers are in charge of getting the employees on board.

Klaxoon as a project management tool and as a collaborative workspace for organizing conferences

Marc creates a Klaxoon Board, a collaborative digital whiteboard with infinite space, which he shares with his colleagues and his hierarchy. His team is thus able to work in a connected way, sharing ideas, methods, achievements and results. The goal is to foster a real synergy within his team.

The main strength of Klaxoon is that we can use it at once as a project management tool and a communication tool.

Marc Pommepuy, Innovation and Digital Transformation Project Manager at SNCF Réseau

In concrete terms, he uses the many features of Board to promote maximum understanding of information by his colleagues. Thus, he sets up a real visual management thanks to different elements with which his colleagues can interact:

  • geometric shapes to express different ideas,
  • a timeline to represent the evolution of the actions undertaken over time,
  • written ideas linked by connectors to create a collaborative mindmap.

Marc chooses to create his Board from scratch, but you can also install in a flashone of the many templates, such as the Mindmapping template. It is a particularly useful template for expressing ideas andenriching them to define an action plan together.

This way,Marc can easily transform his board into an efficient and versatile project management tool.

Why versatile? Simply because this same board is also used to plan interviews with ambassadors: people within SNCF Réseau who already use Klaxoon on a daily basis and who can give their testimony.

Each speaker can log in to register on the date he or she wants: this way, Marc decentralizes this aspect of event organization and saves a lot of time. In the blink of an eye, he can see who wants to speak and when. He also detects possible planning problems: Board allows direct communication between people who have access to the project management tool.

On the day of the conference, he just needs to send a simple link to invite all participants to the online conference so that they can connect to the Board and follow the conference. Since the onboarding is so simple, the meetings start without any delay and focus on the essentials. After meetings or conferences, Marc does not need to send used visuals or shared documents: users keep their access to the board and can download all the resources they find useful. They can also chat live with Marc, who uses their feedback to improve his online conferences every time.

What results can you expect from using Klaxoon on a daily basis?

Organizing these conferences has proved that Klaxoon's usages are limitless. These tools are great for project management, online or on-site workshop facilitation, and for reporting as well.

Marc Pommepuy, Innovation and Digital Transformation Project Manager at SNCF Réseau

Finally, Marc manages to organize events entirely on Klaxoon and uses the platform as a complete project management tool.

For him, Klaxoon is the best project management tool because it allows him to create everything from scratch. Instead of a single board that he can share with his entire team, he would have created dozens of documents, not to mention multiple versions.

The Board also allows him to save a lot of time since all the members of his team and even the speakers at his conferences can enrich the material themselves. The reporting of actions is therefore done naturally, and he can give his hierarchya precise history of the KPIs.

A person working on Board to organize and connect ideas efficiently

In fact, the results are impressive: after the third conference, he already had 90people connected to attend the event. Thanks to this type of action, Marc managed to multiply by 5 the number of Klaxoon users within the SNCF Réseau teams.

Finally, using Klaxoon allowed Marc to reach his goals. In just a few months, he convinced the SNCF Réseau teams to use Klaxoon. By using it himself on a daily basis, he proved that Klaxoon was capable of being used in all situations thanks to its hybrid aspect making it an online collaborative workspace as well as a project management tool or a virtual meeting room.

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