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Transformation Map

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The Transformation map is a visual strategic mapping tool, similar to the Business Model Canvas developed by economists Alexander Osterwalder and Yves Pigneur in 2010. It will help you, as a team, to list all actions required to reach your key objective within a context of change. The project timeline is an integral part of this mapping process, as are the levers that will impact the strategy. Use the template with Board Hybrid to list all your actions, adding additional information such as action progress, strategic importance, and the action manager’s name. 

What is a Transformation map?

When working on a transformational project, the Transformation map helps you visualize in a chart all the actions required to gradually work towards the final goal, within your set time frame.  

This visual tool uses a matrix divided along three key lines:

  • Time: determines the periods during which the project will take place. This is broken down into 3 or 4 periods leading towards the final goal. It determines the total duration required to reach the overall goal.
  • The two topic lines are the various contracts or levers that will impact your strategy.

The actions required to reach the goal are positioned with respect to both these lines. Overall, the Transformation map highlights all the steps required to successfully complete a project.

Transformation map template |Klaxoon

Why design a Transformation map?

The map provides an overview of your project: first of all by providing a detailed outline.
The tool helps you clearly determine your goal, as well as the key levers and contracts you will need along the way, and all within a specific time frame.  
It’s the ideal medium to list and position your action ideas. The actions that need to be carried out in each period stand out immediately. That’s where visual management comes into its own. You can check that your actions are suitably distributed and that all the levers and contracts are processed as they should be.  

Transformation map illustration |Klaxoon

How to create a Transformation map with Board

Klaxoon’s templates library
features a host of ready-to-use templates to work more efficiently as a team.
After clicking on “use the Transformation map template”, enter your overall project goal in the top right-hand corner. For example: entering the Asian market. Then customize the time line, indicating the periods for your different actions. The periods can be set as months, half years, years, etc. (e.g. year 2021, year 2022, year 2023). Then specify the goal for each period. For example: launch the Chinese website.
Add all your action ideas to the core of the matrix, using text, images, videos, etc. Then rate them according to their level of strategic importance: high, medium, low. Remember to specify the name of the manager and the deadline for each action. Once you have completed the Transformation map, show where each action stands, using a color code. Yellow for pending actions, blue for those in progress, green for completed actions, and red for those currently on hold.
To produce a state of play from a different perspective, e.g. focusing on high priority actions, switch to list view mode on the Board.
The template gives you detailed instructions for each of the different features.

Transformation map example |Klaxoon

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