Brainstorming: a simple method to generate new ideas

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Discover the Brainstorming free template and its 3 simple steps to generate new ideas in teams and move forward quickly. Brainstorm, dig and act. In a room, from home or on-the-go. Confront your ideas as a team very simply and move forward efficiently.v With this template, collect a maximum of ideas in the same place to work as a team. The ideas are produced individually, both during the meeting and before: everyone takes the time to think when he or she can and sends their ideas upstream in the Board. Then, during the meeting, the debate opens, you discuss the ideas further and naturally come up with a plan of action to be carried out after the meeting or in view of the next synchronization point. These 3 key steps can also be done with sub-groups.

Brainstorm as a team to get new ideas and to implement them.

During brainstorming sessions, online or in the room, everyone participates and sends their ideas. Then, we did, exchange and select the most relevant ones as a team in order to get an in-depth knowledge of the chosen ideas. This path is used to determine the actions to launch and to distribute them to each other.

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