Unlock the full potential of visual management with Jira and Klaxoon

Facilitate agile project management by bringing all the power of visual collaboration and collective intelligence into your Jira workflows.

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A seamless user experience between Klaxoon & Jira

By combining Jira to the full power of visual collaboration on Board, host efficient meetings with your teams to co-construct new projects, move forward with your clients, ask direct Questions and build new synergies.

NEW in 2023, Klaxoon offers the best integration on the market, to save time, share information, and work visually.

Organize your tickets visually with Klaxoon and follow the progress on Jira

Directly linked to your backlog, Klaxoon makes prioritization & decision-making (much) faster!

Access your Jira issues and tasks directly from Board. Use all the powerful agile methods available in Klaxoon to organize information, brainstorm and get creative. With this flawless integration, see your backlog in another light, establish next steps as a team, define priorities of each ticket, and find solutions faster. Any update is reflected in both your Jira and your Klaxoon boards.

Easily embark on the next steps of the project thanks to Klaxoon features and Jira integration

PI Planning in the aeronautics industry

For a leading European manufacturer in the aeronautics industry, Klaxoon's integration with Jira makes it possible to run a highly effective PI Planning workshop with over one hundred participants.

On Board, they centralize all the information shared during their multi-team PI Plannings. All the stakeholders can access the workspace at any time and contribute simultaneously.

A videoconference meeting when a team organize and prioritize the project steps

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