Remote (team)work: work efficiently as a team even remotely

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Remote (team)work

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With the Remote (team)work template, discover how to do workshops, team meetings and more, both remotely and as a team! Can we work both remotely and efficiently as a team? The answer is yes! Our community of Klaxoon users do so everyday by using our suite of apps, especially Board. Virtual meetings, remote project management, videoconference workshops... follow our guide!

Visualize, at a glance, everything you can do as a team and remotely, as if you were in the office and especially... how to do it!

Weekly meetings, workshops, decision-making, feedback collection, trainings,... Get advice, examples and ready for use models. A true guide to manage the team and work effectively and remotely as a team.

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Discover the new generation of workshops made for hybrid work

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