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Workshops and agile ceremonies: deploying the SAFe method on a large scale and at a distance

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Carine Locquet & Jérôme Rajkovic
Inetum, Practice leadership agility mobility and UX design, and Agile Coach

The SAFe method allows teams to coordinate the transformation of organizations and work methods. Carine Locquet, who is an agility, mobility and UX design leader, and Jérôme Rajkovic, as an agile coach, know it very well and practice it daily. Discover how these two specialists have accompanied their client with the collaboration of Henri Dubus, who is also an agile coach at Inetum.

PI Planning, Train SAFe, Sprint, Obeya, Retrospective,... Carine and Jérôme explain how they run their remote agile workshops using Klaxoon's visual management.

The result? They have effectively deployed agile methods in this organization by sharing the same level of information with all teams and aligning all ideas around a common project.

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