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In a context where project management is becoming increasingly complex and cross-functional, there is a need for effective methods and tools to help you provide a clear overview of your project to all stakeholders. 

This Project Overview Memo template is an innovative solution that helps project managers and teams capture and communicate the essential aspects of their collective work. Here, you will find tips on how to define the key points of a project, and most importantly, how this ready-to-use template can help you simplify your practices and get your next project off to a good start.

How to efficiently define the key points of a project

Starting a new project means clearly defining its key points. It is essential to begin by setting the context, which involves understanding the motivations behind the project, the expectations of the stakeholders, and the expected results.

A person working on a computer displaying the "Project Overview" Memo template. | Klaxoon
Visually, project contextualization can take the form of a list of key points to remember.

It is also crucial to define roles and responsibilities within the project team. Each participant must have a clear understanding of their tasks, the decisions they have to make, and how their contribution fits into the overall project. This clarity minimizes confusion, optimizes the use of resources and strengthens everyone's engagement.

Then comes the most important stage of any project launch: the creation of an action plan. This plan must include several levels of detail, from a bird's-eye view to the specific distribution of tasks. It must also take into account the constraints of the team (or teams, if the project involves cross-functional collaboration) and define realistic deadlines while being flexible enough to adapt to unforeseen circumstances.

How can the Project Overview Memo template help you?

Klaxoon's Project Overview Memo template is designed to help you structure and document essential project information. This ready-to-use model guides you through the steps involved in launching a project, with sections dedicated to setting the context, defining objectives, roles and responsibilities, and the action plan.

This template also provides a structured framework that facilitates full documentation of project objectives, ensuring that all stakeholders have a clear and consistent view of expectations. It helps to inform the collective of the roles and responsibilities of each team member, resulting in even more effective coordination and collaboration.

Furthermore, this Memo also includes other interactive features to enhance team member engagement and participation:

  • Quiz questions ;
  • Survey questions;
  • Comment spaces for participants to share their feedback.

These activities not only collect feedback in real time, but also ensure that all voices are heard and taken into account. As a result, every team member feels involved and valued, which boosts their motivation and efficiency. Using this template ensures better group dynamics and optimizes project results, enabling you to meet your challenges through more responsive collaboration.

In short, this template saves you precious time by providing a structured work environment, accessible at all times to stakeholders to retrieve information about the launch of your project. So you can be sure you won't miss a thing as your team moves forward.

How to use this template with Klaxoon’s platform

To maximize the effectiveness of the "Project Overview" template on Klaxoon, you can customize it by modifying its content:

  • By adding or removing pages from the Memo;
  • By adding Quiz or Survey questions;
  • By customizing existing pages to suit your own context.

Start by creating your own version of this template, either directly from this page or via your Klaxoon account. You will find the template in the Memo creation menu. Then, if you wish to use this template again to launch another project, simply duplicate it from your list of activities.

Then, complete your Memo with information about your project: the context, the launch date, the stakeholders involved and their roles, and the resources available to them. This part can be done prior to your kick-off meeting, while the objectives and planning can be filled in during this meeting, once you are aligned with the other participants. 

Before sharing the Memo, make sure all the necessary elements are covered, then invite participants to join the activity. You can do this either by notifying them by email, or by sharing the connection link directly with them.

Finally, after sending, you can track stakeholder engagement with the Memo :

  • Open rate
  • Engagement rate with questions asked
  • Feedback left by participants

This way, you know in real time whether everyone has been able to read the Memo, and whether the entire team has the same information about the project. Moreover, thanks to the feedback received, you can more quickly identify areas for improvement in the next stages of your project.

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