PI Planning : plan the whole of your multi-team project

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PI Planning

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With the PI Planning Template, line up all the teams of the program between them and engage them on the built and shared objectives during the planning. With this Template inspired by the agile ceremonies of PI Planning, use this turnkey Board and its advanced features to organize your entire program over two days. Presentations, team planning meetings, pooling, risk assessment, confidence votes... Board offers a common space for discussion and info sharing with its infinite whiteboard accessible to all and from anywhere. Now it's your turn!

Starting point of the SAFe method

The PI Planning aims at lining up a project's stakeholders on the vision, the planning and the objectives to reach on the main steps to come. Identify together dependencies, create synergies between the teams, identify the risks, define the overall view of the work to do,... To prepare and facilitate remotely this Agile ceremony, lean on the Klaxoon Brainstorm and its advanced features to visually manage discussions and improve the teams' synchronization.

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