ROTI: evaluate the effectiveness of the time spent together in meetings

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With the ROTI Template, review the meeting or workshop by evaluating on a 1 to 5 point scale the relevance of the time spent together and identify measures for improvement for the next meetings.How useful was the time spent in a meeting? Ask your team members fo their assessment and feedback.What did the team learn in your last meeting, conference or work session? Did they consider it a waste of time or time well spent?Use the ROTI method to get team members to respond at the end of the session. Everyone will have their say and you can optimize team feedback. Use this template to save precious time and organize really useful meetings with more added value.

Generate a ROTI (Return On Time Invested) in order not to waste any time uselessly.

Following your meeting or workshop, take some time to gather the participants' feedback: each one of them, rates the value of the time invested together and gives his or her ideas. It's quickly done and you identify together the measures for improvement for the next sessions. With the ROTI Template improve your performances as a team!

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