Breakout Rooms: organize your remote breakout group sessions

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With the Breakout Rooms template, work remotely as a team, divide into breakout groups and report back all together, seamlessly and in a single space.

As a team, meet up online for a course, a workshop or a brainstorming session...with breakout groups!

Use the Breakout Rooms template to organize efficient remote team work with breakout groups. Use the Board to share the same space and Live, the embedded video-conferencing app, or your own video-conferencing tool.

Optimizing remote team work with breakout groups

Any manager, employee, trainer or consultant who has needed to organize an online workshop, brainstorming session, training course, or work session has been faced with the same questions: how can I best organize remote breakout groups? How can I avoid using different applications? How can I move seamlessly between plenaries and group sessions? How can I replicate what we would otherwise do in breakout rooms or sub-groups?

The Breakout Rooms template: the easy-to-use solution for breakout group work sessions

Use the Breakout Rooms template to prepare and facilitate your breakout group sessions in a few clicks within the same online space. Before the work session, set up the template and prepare your main Board as the meeting room for all the participants, before breaking out into smaller groups. Follow the different stages of the template step by step and see how easy it is to customize the different areas and the content you want to use (with photos, videos, diagrams, web site links or documents). Use a range of different graphic tools to create new spaces, replace some of the suggested items, add graphic elements and create your own online meeting room.  Once the Board is ready, invite the participants via a link or the Board code and they can all join the session in just one click.

Breakout rooms are easy to set up with the Live and Board Sync features

Launch a Live session to see all the participants together on screen and begin by giving the instructions and objectives so that the whole team will start the workshop on the same wavelength. Enable the Board Sync tools to focus on one area of the Board so that the whole team can see the same thing at the same time. A very useful feature when you introduce the session, run though the content, and explain the principle of the workshops, etc.Each breakout group will have their own work space and “room”. Use Board and Live to give access to all the tools they need to work simply and effectively as a group. Each breakout group can then work together, come up with creative ideas, collect the ideas and organize them graphically. Once the breakout time is up, all the groups meet up again on the main Board to share the workshop outcomes.  To share their outcomes with the rest of the team, each breakout group just needs to copy-paste the items from their own Board or make a screen shot and import it into the main Board.The remote workshop takes place from start to finish in a single space. All the activities, session contents, exchanges and reports are available via the main Board.  You can then use this to present a project, session minutes, etc.

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