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With the Breakout Rooms Template, work remotely as a team divided into sub-groups, and then meet again to carry out the feedback, all in a smooth way and in one place. Whether it's for training, a workshop or a brainstorming session, this method allows you to organize your team in a few clicks, even when working from home! Quickly make your subgroups and work together efficiently with videoconference.

How to easily organize remote subgroup meetings?

Whether you are a manager, an employee, a trainer or a consultant, you have probably already asked yourself this important question: how can you easily organize remote work subgroups?

Over the last few years, the way we work or train in groups has changed drastically. More and more teams want to be able to do remote work or hybrid work, without losing the efficiency they once had in person.

Whether it's a workshop, an ideation session or group work in an online course, it is sometimes necessary to divide a large number of participants into sub-groups to move forward more easily. This way, you encourage all group members to express themselves and participate, and you encourage a more diversified feedback with different approaches shared by the different sub-groups.

But how do you simply adapt this format to remote work? If might be easy to reproduce a physical meeting room as a virtual room, but what if each subgroup needs to have its own space in this room, without interfering with the work of the others?

With the Breakout Rooms Template, you can easily find the conditions for working in remote subgroups, without impacting your efficiency and having much more communication tools and channels. This ready-to-use method also allows you to alternate work times in sub-groups and with the extended group, in order to pace your work sessions and to feed off each other's ideas.

Three people working in a room on a Breakout Rooms Template, with other team members connected through videoconference on the Board. | Klaxoon
In remote work as well as in person or inhybrid mode, the Template Breakout Rooms offer an efficient space to work in subgroups.

Breakout Rooms Template, a simple solution to facilitate breakout sessions or workshops

With the Breakout Rooms Template, you can easily prepare and run your breakout rooms session, in one place and in a few clicks.  

Before the work session, launch the Template and prepare your main Board: it will be used as a welcome space for all participants, before starting the breakout session.

Follow the steps of the Template to customize the different spaces provided for this purpose with various formats:

  • Images or photos
  • Videos
  • Diagrams
  • Links to websites or documents,...

The graphic tools at your disposal will allow you to create new spaces, to replace the proposed elements, to add visual elements and to create your own welcome space.

Once your Board is ready, all you have to do is invite participants by sending them a link or the Board's code. They can then join the activity with one click.

Live and Board Sync, for a smooth remote group work experience

Live is the videoconferencing tool integrated into your Klaxoon Board. Launch a Live session to find all the participants in video, and start by defining the instructions and objectives that will allow the entire team to be aligned at the start of your workshop.

Activate the Board Sync to focus on one place on the Board, so that the whole team sees the same screen at the same time. This can be useful for introducing the session, showing content or explaining the workshop's objective!

Next, divide into subgroups in the dedicated spaces on the Board. Each subgroup has its own workspace and room!

Thanks to Board and Live, all the tools are available for easy and efficient subgroup work. Each sub-group can meet in Live on a dedicated Board to work, express their creativity, collect all their ideas, organize them visually,... You can time each session with the built-in timer in Board.

Once the time is up, in one click the group gets back to the main Board again to proceed to the workshop restitution. To share the work done in sub-groups, each o them simply duplicates the elements of its own work Board, or takes a screenshot and imports it into the main Board.

Thus, the online workshop takes place from A to Z in one place, whether the participants are working remotely or in hybrid mode. The activities, the content of all the sessions, the exchanges and the synthesis all remain accessible via the main Board. This can then be used later to present the project as a whole, highlighting the contribution of each group!

Each sub-group can easily sum up their work ans share it visually with the others, by adding their ideas in the dedicated area on the main Board.

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