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User Story Mapping

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With User Story Mapping Template, visually organize and prioritize the long list of tasks to complete a new product. Map all new product features visually and plan how you want to implement them. User Story mapping is a tool used by agile teams when kicking off a SCRUM project. It can be used to organize and prioritize the long list of tasks to be performed when designing a new product, in a visual "User Story" display. The User Story Mapping template works in three stages. First, imagine how your target customer will use your new product and plan the main stages of the User Story. Then organize these activities in chronological order on the story map and break them down into a detailed User Story. Finally, as a team, prioritize these ideas by order of importance, by value and by feasibility, to decide which features to develop first.

Map your user stories in the story map.

Used by agile teams at the beginning of a SCRUM project, the User Story Mapping is a tool that allows to visually organize and prioritize the long list of tasks to carry out, called User Stories, to create a new product. As a team, start by building user paths to highlight the main features of your new product.

Then, move them around the Story map in chronological order and by level of importance to visually map your deployment strategy. And the result is? On the one hand, the project stakeholders follow the evolution of the product in real time, and on the other hand, the development team has a clear vision of the tasks to carry out.

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