The customer journey: map your customers' journey as they interact with your brand


Customer journey

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With the Customer Journey template, you can map your customers' journey as they interact with your brand and naturally find ways to improve your performance. As a team, identify key interactions step by step to maximize the impact of your marketing strategies. With this template, you can map your customer journey together to reach your target audience at the right time, in the right place and generate more sales!

Work as a team to improve your customers’ journey and resolve any stumbling blocks

When selling a product or service, you need to offer the customer a unique and personalized experience. The Customer Journey template is here to help you map the journey your customers take from A to Z.

As an essential stage in marketing strategies, the omnichannel customer journey is both technical and emotional. Put yourself in the shoes of potential customers and think about their relationship with your brand. What channels do they use to interact with your products? What emotions do they feel? What is unacceptable?

With your team, in face to face or remote meetings, use the Customer Journey template to improve your performance. Areas of improvement will come to light naturally, so you can find the best way to reach your target audience.

An online collaborative tool to improve your products or services

With the Customer Journey template, working as a team really makes sense. Gather all the information you need in one place, to understand how your customers behave and interact with your brand at different stages of the journey. From product discovery to brand loyalty, work as a team to map their different experiences, including touchpoints, emotions, stumbling blocks and areas for improvement too.

Using the map of this journey and the customizable Klaxoon whiteboard, you and all your team members will leave nothing to chance, both in the office or working from home. Every department (product development, design, marketing, customer relationships etc.) can get involved to examine all the stages and boost customer journey optimization to reach your target audience at the right time and in the right place.

Everyone’s a winner. You streamline and improve the customer experience, and you generate more sales and strengthen team cohesion too!

Use the Customer Journey template to build a unique and personalized experience as a team

Once you have all your employees together on the whiteboard, start by preparing a presentation of your brand persona, and define the context of your customer journey. First of all, you can use the Persona template available in the Klaxoon template library, to make it easier to create your customer profile.

Then, invite the participants to spend 5 minutes coming up with ideas for each stage of the customer journey (discovery, consideration, purchase, service, loyalty). Send ideas for the customer experience to the Board, and use icons to fill in points of contact. To better describe your customers’ emotions and feelings, generate a word cloud under each idea using the Question tool and invite participants to add their contribution or vote for other people’s ideas. You will end up with the most liked or quoted word, or replace it with an appropriate emoticon. That’s real teamwork!

Add ideas, color codes and emojis to describe your customer's context and feelings

You can also add a theme to personalize your customer journey, and then move on to ideation and prioritization. Send your ideas to the stumbling blocks and areas for improvement categories, and spend time discussing them so as not to get overloaded. Select the best ideas as a team by clicking on the heart icon to like your favorites.

Now you can work as a team to implement your action plan! Based on the ideas and solutions suggested previously, work as a group to define the actions to be taken to address them and be sure to collectively assign each one to a team member.

Using the Customer Journey template, you will build a unique and personalized experience as a team to boost the impact of your marketing.

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