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With the Persona template, define your typical customers, imagine their possible journeys with your product or service, and optimize your communications strategy, your sales pitch, or your upcoming concepts. Klaxoon’s Board lets you work simultaneously in one place with your team, and save time to accurately identify your future customers' goals, barriers and buying behavior, so that your offer perfectly matches their expectations.

Define target audiences to adapt your strategy

With the Persona template, you learn how to work as a team to create a potential customer profile, and then adapt your marketing strategy to your findings.

Board, Klaxoon's highly scalable whiteboard, lets you work together to define your typical customers according to your market. These can be imaginary characters or archetypes derived from market research. Another example of a target audience might be a representation of a group of users with shared characteristics and goals. You can also create a persona that reliably models end user behavior with their product-related characteristics, needs and goals.

Describe your typical customer in a detailed, visual and structured way.

Why create a persona before getting to operations and project management

Like all Klaxoon team workshops, the main advantage of using the Persona template lies in group cohesion, understanding the project in development and helping the team move in the same direction.

More generally, you improve your product or service quality by truly addressing user needs, without just relying on marketing and promotion. By building a target audience example, you can easily identify the real and accurate needs of your end users. This will enable you to produce a suitable product or service.

With respect to communications and customer service, knowing your typical customer also helps to understand them, make them human and feel empathy for them, which ultimately guarantees genuine communication and satisfaction for everyone involved.

The Persona template, with its limitless online whiteboard, offers a simple, clear and explicit communication tool for the entire team. In particular, it will help you streamline your decisions together and prioritize your development efforts for the rest of your project management.

Creating a persona with the Klaxoon Persona template

When your project team members have gathered on your whiteboard, start by filling out your persona ID card. Give them a first name, maybe a surname, and add a photo to bring them to life. Fill in all the items in their description: age, job, location, family status and income. Then, use the cursors in the “Personality” section to define your typical client. Feel free to adapt them if the predefined character traits are not right for you. Finally, work together to find four keywords that will define and also distinguish your persona.

Once the ID card is completed, you can move on to motivations part. First, send all your ideas about their frustrations and needs to the “What?” section and then, based on five themes, measure their motivations and specify them by moving the cursors. You can use the ones we offer or adapt them to your typical profile. Then, review their goals. Add brands or people that might influence your persona, and consider adding images to make it more visual.

After that, use the “Why?” section to make your typical customer talk. Use all the materials available on the typical day frieze to identify what means of communication they use. Add ideas under the timeline, by making them talk as an “I”, to really put yourself in their shoes. In their bio, make them describe their life, mentioning all the important personal and professional aspects, and using their usual writing tone and style. Write a verbatim to fine tune their personality even more, and end by adding the objections that might prevent them from buying your product or service.

Now, all you have to do is fill the “How?” section. As a team, think about how to target your persona to achieve your goal. Get as many ideas as you can to build your proposal. Create as many personas as you need, depending on your market (just duplicate the appropriate sections on your Board). Eventually, you can create a Klaxoon Network to centralize and share all of them.

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